Stella Dimoko, the fraudulent and criminal blogger

Stella Dimoko continued to defraud gullible Nigerians and fans on her blog on daily basis. She play on her blog visitors’ intelligence and mock their stupidity!

In preparation to pull off another human-trafficking scam to add to their prostitution ring,stella and Nmasinachi have started preparing the scene to lure some more hungry and jobless young girls abroad.
The new plot started on Tuesday 4th of October 2016 in the IN-HOUSE-NEWS (IHN) post where out of the blues, she put up a false story claiming Nmasinachi got married to get her gullible readers ooohhhhinggg and aaaaahhhhinggg.

The crooked face of an accomplice to crime

Your accomplice suddenly gets married on a Tuesday in America and only informed you her madam afterwards.That was to set the stage for what happened on Wednesday 12th of October 2016 in the IHN post.Stella put up another story where a supposed blog reader named D’Royalty gave thanks to Nmasinachi for crediting her account with #30,000(thirty thousand naira) knowing how hungry and jobless a lot of the readers are.

Curiously right after that, she posted a game where she put 6 of her regular readers’ names in a situation of life and death, the purpose of the game is to rescue 2 while the remaining 4 perish. Having sufficiently showed up Nmasinachi’s previously tattered image, Stella included her name to see how many readers would put her up for rescue, especially after “dashing someone 30k”. As expected,quite a number of the readers chose her name in expectation that they will get the next bank alert.

Our private eye who monitored all these happenings decided to click on Nmasinachi, D’royalty and another one called Bluntly blunty’s blog ids to see what their profile said and alas! All 3 profiles had no contact bio whatsoever which made our private eye suspicious. How could Nmasinachi have contacted D’Royalty who did not have any profile on her blog id whatsoever unless perhaps,it’s another one of Nmasinachi’s numerous fake blog ids. To test this theory, our private eye dropped several comments suggesting readers compare all 3 ids to see what they all had in common and guess what? Stella Dimoko, the criminal blogger refused to enable the comments, the 2 comments out of 13 that managed to escape her eagle eyes and find their way on to the comment section were almost immediately deleted. (In the next few days, I can predict that these nefarious minds and cheap crooks will go to update these blog IDs to give it legitimacy)

Our private eye believes there’s an ulterior motive and figured Stella did not want her readers to find out the giveaway was fake just like the ‘500k’ she claimed a faceless blog reader gifted someone she nominated from her blog a few months ago.The idea behind these fraudulent scams is her desperate bid to get more traffic to her blog where she can choose the girls to introduce to her human-trafficking ring for onward transfer to Europe for sex work and slavery.
Interestingly our private eye noticed that another of her readers had challenged her to produce a screenshot of the 500k transfer, blurring all details but the date and amount and as expected, Stella shut her down and the supposed recipient of the money suddenly disappeared. It’s believed that the fake blog id with a corresponding fake facebook account used for that scam were created by Nmasinachi.

I have a promise for Stella Dimoko, Nmasinach et al; their days to be transferred to the gallows where they belong is very close! They will all not escape justice.
We will continue to beam our searchlights on fraudulently malicious bloggers.


I will kill you, Stella Dimoko threatens

Nigeria’s notorious and vicious blogger, Stella Dimoko has threatened to kill a couple of people who dared the odds by complaining directly to us.

For the avoidance of doubt, this is how it works with us: you send us complain about a blogger, we investigate the allegations, contact the blogger to get their own side of the story (if found to be true), publish the story if the blogger refuses to stop the blackmail, abuse or cyber bulling acts. Before we go to press, we confirm if you intend to maintain your confidentiality by going anonymous, in this case, one of our whistle-blowers, Seyi Ishmael waived the confidentiality protection.

Since the post was made, aside me and my family members, Seyi also has not been at peace – he receives emails from Stella threatening to kill him and invoking curses. Stella Dimoko has confirmed that she is like the proverbial pig that when taken to the palace to dine with Kings, she will still need to visit the dustbin for handouts. The mails (to Seyi) have been sent using pseudo names but recently using her official email, mistakenly. Stella Dimoko has threatened to eliminate Seyi and his family in the US.

This is totally a case of an alleged fraudulent person (Stella Dimoko) being exposed! It is a wonder that this same person is the one that picks a quarrel with every other person under the guise of blogging. Just because the Nigerian legal system is not working, I bet it, Stella Dimoko should be cooling off in jail by now!

Apart from being an alleged “runs girl” and a major human trafficker of female young girls to mostly Italy and Spain, may I also remind Nigerians how Stella Dimoko accused comedian AY Makun of sponsoring this site and project, accused him of being vindictive etc only to come back the following week shedding crocodile tears that her blind fans should stop their vitriolic attack on the Comedian. She has accused Linda Ikeji and likewise JJ Omojuwa in the past of sponsoring attacks against her.

I have personally received nothing less than fifty (yes 50!) mails just in a couple of months this project started. I have formally complained to the German police who are presently working on her case. Stella Dimoko is nothing but can be likened to scam and a fake. Since we started this exposé, I have dared Stella to also complain to French police for my arrest, she cannot. The fifty naira airtime being shared on periodic basis keeps less privileged Nigerians glued to her site.

While I have urged Seyi to also make a formal report to the German police (which i believe he has done in recent time) it is also important he also lodges a formal complaint with the Nigerian Police Force.


Stella Dimoko in recent times has informed me how she will deal with me and my husband forgetting that this is not Nigeria where you could get away with such comments and threats. Seyi in his house has also been noticing strange movements and people occasionally following his car. It is totally dangerous to underrate a gang and mafia leader in the caliber of Stella Dimoko, her type are terribly wicked, harmful and extremely dangerous.

Stella Dimoko has shown and demonstrated her penchant for being intolerable, wicked, sadistic and evil. In coming days, we shall continue our exposé of wicked bloggers in like manner and their evil collaborators within and outside Nigeria.

I will not conclude today without a word for her roguish and thuggish fan to desist from sending threats to us here, if they feel aggrieved, they should go and report to security enforcement officers just as we have done against Stella Dimoko. May I state that no amount of intimidation would deter us from doing our work. Stella Dimoko and her blog would not deter us from doing our work.

“I can be a sex hawker, it’s my life not yours” -Stella Dimoko

Nigeria high-class sex hawker and female trafficker, Stella Dimoko has written back to me confirming the obvious but the evil – she is a prostitute.

In the email she wrote to me recently, she bluntly informed me to mind my business and desist from following up on her! She further told me that however she decide to use her life is none of my business. She boasted that the toothless Nigerian police cannot arrest her where she is and that she will continue to blackmail essentially for money.

stella dimoko 3.jpg
The many deceitful faces of the wicked, they will never go unpunished!

Substantially, I agree with Stella Dimoko, it is her life,  but she should come out and quit pretending, by now it is obvious she would deny the letter. She went to the extent of informing me that if she is not “hot and sweet”, why are celebrities still looking for her and always ready to pay her for sex? What a shame!! My issue with that is this, Stella Dimoko goes on her blog (with about 15,000 daily readers) to mislead innocent and young girls. The major discussion of the blog is centered on sex, how to sleep with men for money, how to blackmail men for money and other vices. If Stella Dimoko choses to do all these in her closet, I am not sure it is an issue, but when you come to influence several thousands of young women negatively, it is totally unacceptable. Other notable bloggers like Linda Ikeji, Bella Naija et al are all contributing positively to the life of Nigerian youth. When you mislead as much as this number of youth, it does not only affect them, it probably affect their generations!


In Nigeria just like many African countries, the cyber laws are non-existent and where you have any, they are rarely enforced or applied. Given such scenario, Stella Dimoko takes advantage of such to write her usual gibberish and offer fifty naira airtime on weekly basis on her blog – trust me, the hunger in the land is real and people rush to cash in on this.

While I do not blame Stella for a very rough upbringing and a difficult experience of being raped by her biological father at the age of 13, I thought she should have overcome these challenges by now.

Stella Dimoko is said to disguise herself with different wigs, sunglasses and veils to avoid being recognized during her nefarious acts of prostitution, pimping etc.

Stella Dimoko has been widely acclaimed for female trafficking, sex hawking, blackmail among several other sex vices. She lives in Germany but nobody could prove exactly what she does, and her claim of being married could not be confirmed either. In recent times, news has been agog with her blackmailing top celebrities like AY Makun, Lanre Nzeribe etc. Stella Dimoko has not denied any of these allegations.

Stella Dimoko has been accused of arranging sex partners for several Nigerian celebrities who visited Europe especially the UK. As alleged by many, Stella Dimoko ‘cooks up’ fake stories against Nigeria celebrities on her blog with a view to extort princely sum of money from them.

She has also being accused of organizing many other women across the West African coast in the act of prostitution, blackmail and others. She is said to be one of the most vicious Nigerians living abroad. In recent times, some of her accomplices were caught in Nigeria which has significantly affected her female trafficking trade.

She is also accused of supervising and presiding over a very vicious prostitution network gang based in Italy. She has been accused of trafficking several hundreds of girls to Italy held as sex slaves. Like it or not, this is the new face of evil!



I paid Stella Dimoko for sex – Lagos based Artiste

Details is emerging how a Lagos-based artiste went to perform in Europe this year for a private show claimed she paid Stella Dimoko over a thousand pounds sterling for call girls in his hotel

Nigerian foremost pimp and human trafficker?

This musician (name withheld) who lives in Lagos but from the South-Eastern part of Nigeria claimed to me (while I was in Nigeria recently) that when he went to London on a private invitation tour, Stella Dimoko organised sex workers for him on four different days. He told me he never thought anything was the issue on the event which happened early this year until information now start flying all over the place how Stella Dimoko lives a double life – pretending to be a saint on her blog and being a major ring leader of a prostitution and a human traffic ring.

The story of this artiste is surprising and alarming! It goes to confirm our stories that Stella Dimoko must have been involved in prostitution in Europe for several years. I asked this musician who is a family friend if he is willing to come to the public with this story and evidences he has, he was non-committal but showed me details of text messages and whatsApp texts from Stell Dimoko with her phone number (+4915210329280)

The musician told me the detailed story of how he arrived London and checked-in to his hotel  in Stepney Green, somewhere in East London where his client booked him (this is probably the same hotel AY checked in and was blackmailed by Stella Dimoko). According to this musician, everything went well the first night of his stay in the hotel until the second night when he was going for his normal night-out with guys that he saw this Africa middle aged woman who her dressing of course betrayed her as a call girl. The musician explained further that while this woman was a bit older and out of shape than most call girls, she was also very not good looking. The lady he was talking to unknowingly to him was Stella Dimoko!

The musician said Stella Dimoko introduced herself as “Madam Stelz” and a Nigerian. She was willing to get the tourist musician any girl of his specification within forty-five minutes! This musician gave Stella Dimoko his specs and wanted the lady in about 3 hours time when he will be back from his booze gig! Madam Stelz charged 280 British Pounds for this specs for the night. “I came back at around 1am and met the girl at the reception, this was 100% adherence to the specifications I gave Madam Stelz”. Not only was the girl a Nigerian but also speaks Ibo only that she was from Delta State, claimed the Lagos artist.

In the morning when the girl was going, I asked if she has been paid and how much. She informed me she has not been paid but will be paid 30 pounds by Stella later in the day. According to this artist,  “I could not believe this, the girl offered me her pride but ended up earning only 10% of the money charged. I gave her on my own another 50 pounds. This transaction repeated itself with Stella for  three or four days more with different specifications and races. I ended up giving Stella Dimoko over 1,000 pounds for organizing prostitutes for me”

In his words, “I did not make anything of this incidences until recently information started flying everywhere that Stella Dimoko herself is a call girl, that her marriage to the German guy was to get papers, she runs a human trafficking ring et al. Personal few calls I made confirmed to me the lady was Stella Dimoko. I went online to check the acclaimed site and was totally disgusted about this, Stella Dimoko is living a double life”, the musician told me. He claimed he was lucky not to have been blackmailed by Stella Dimoko.

After my interview with the musician, I discussed my findings (upon my return back to Europe) with Stella Dimoko, she agreed she actually knew this musician, saw him early in the year but declined to comment if she got a sex worker for him or not. Accusations of sex hawking, human trafficking etc are on the increase against the self-acclaimed queen of Nigeria blogshpere, Stella Dimoko.

I will not conclude this write-up without my usual warning to young persons to wary of the company they keep, blog they visit, their relationships etc. Stella Dimoko is totally a fraud and dangerous person who will do anything for money and go to any length to do anything to bring in money.


Editors Note: I will conclude the final part of our series , “Uncovered: Chioma Okere, alleged blackmailer and prostitute working for Stella Dimoko”  this week as Chioma Okere has finally responded to our final inquiry, till then please have a good time


Uncovered: Chioma Okere, alleged blackmailer and prostitute working for Stella Dimoko (2)

We started here this week on this story. I must confess that this is a very difficult one for me considering the issues involved, I am also a woman like Chioma, but the truth must also be told.

Chioma Okere got back to me yesterday, but I must confess I am not impressed. I have always said I will only publish a balanced story, I delayed this story specifically because of her. I have been able to confirm that the guy involved in this whole issue with  Chioma and Stella Dimoko in this blackmailing saga is at least a genuine businessman that lives in Lagos, Nigeria, his name is Seyi. Seyi is a thorough-bred professional from a very rich background obviously totally different from the rag-tag background of Chioma and Stella Dimoko. After his father’s death few years ago, he moved permanently to Nigeria to oversee his father’s estate which includes 15,000 bpd oil well in Eket.

Unfortunately for Mr. Seyi Ishmael, he fell for the evil trap of Chioma Okere and Stella Dimoko. Just like we said on many posts here before, Stella and her co-travelers prey on upcoming and successful men alike to defraud them. Seyi was exchanging pleasantries with Chioma Okere for few months on the internet before he knew Ms Okere is a dupe and cheat just like Stella Dimoko. Mr. Ishmael became extremely uncomfortable when Chioma sent him her several unclad pictures!  The pictures were horrible!! When Seyi Ishmael was in the US to see his family, he refused to get in physical contact with Ms Chioma Okere obviously due to her degrading and uncouth behavior. Upon the discovery by Chioma that she is being offloaded by Seyi, she decided to resort to the blackmail option – she requested Mr. Ishmael to pay $4,000 (to complete her school fees).

Ms Stella Dimoko (the mastermind of the whole case) stepped into the matter by pretending to settling the case, she increased the ransome to $5,000! Seyi did not bulge!! (remember this was what she did to Comedian AY Makun) On realizing the money will not be released, Stella set loosed her junk-yard dog, Chioma Okere.

Mr. Seyi Ishmael refused bluntly to pay the ransom. The repercussion is what we see on the internet today – Stella Dimoko and Chioma started to write uncomplimentary things about him. Fake facebook and different social media accounts were opened in the name of Seyi Ishmael, pictures were stolen on his original facebook page to start this. What a pity! Stella descended to the level of the pigs once again. (For the records, to say Seyi will feed Stella Dimoko and Chioma’s generation will be an understatement of the obvious fact!)

When you are being blackmailed, the best thing to do is definitely not to pay any ransom cause it (the ransom) will continue to be demanded by the blackmailer. Seyi did the right thing by not succumbing to the evil machinations of Stella Dimoko.

I discussed with Stella immediately after the Part 1 of this series was published earlier in the week, she acknowledged Chioma Okere used to be her accomplice but she (Stella) has turned a new leaf and expect Chioma Okere to do same. I requested for her to make a public apology to Seyi, she informed me it would be considered only for me to learn that she went back on her blog ranting like a demented soul yesterday!! The leopard will unfortunately not change its spotty skin!! The story of Stella Dimoko is likened to the proverbial pig taken to the palace but went back in the night to the waste bin to eat!! No matter what you do for a pig, it will still tell you it is a pig. Put Stella Dimoko in the Queen’s palace, she will still continue with her old past.

Stella Dimoko acknowledged the fact that Chioma Okere worked for her albeit in the past, but refused to tell me what they did together, the truth will always prevail. The story of Madam Cash, Stella Dimoko’s prostitution accomplice is still fresh in our minds!

I keep saying this, Stella Dimoko’s blog is not a place for sane minds to be, the blog is full of evil women set to devour young men. The economy in Nigeria is biting, her tactics is about sharing few naira notes on periodic basis for hungry souls who still visit the blog.

I hope to do the concluding edition of this series when I get the final reply from Chioma Okere; till then, please stay blessed!

To be continued…



Uncovered: Chioma Okere, alleged blackmailer and prostitute working for Stella Dimoko (I)

This is the story of the most ruthless and vicious blackmailer working for Stella Dimoko. She is also a prostitute and possibly have no other work. You can see her on Facebook and Twitter (as @Taichyy), she has many identities on the cyberspace like  @hanatug @obyoby11 (on Twitter) and blog ID Nmasinachi. (I am sure these will be deactivated very shortly)

We have been on this issue for several week when we were contacted by at least two of the many male she has blackmailed. Just like rape, victims of blackmail will refuse to come out due to many reasons ranging from fear (of the unknown), insecurity, perceived bad publicity, et al. These two men who contacted us, dared all theseand came out to give accounts of their encounter with Chioma Okere!

I have received a couple of complaints from few people about Chioma Okere. Our investigations led us to the confirmation of the allegation made by them that Chioma is nothing but a fraudster, blackmailer and also a prostitute. We were able to establish solid evidences that Chioma work for Stella Dimoko. On few occasions, Chioma Okere sent her nude picture to gullible men which she uses as a bait for them. You will see her comments everywhere on Stella Dimoko’s blog with these numerous IDs.

Chioma Okere is nothing but a chip of the old block (of her mentor), Stella Dimoko. She also runs a blog (which is now moribund) solely for blackmailing men. Chioma Okere just like many of Stella Dimoko’s evil fans calls out men in the comment section to blackmail them with a view to receive huge ransom on Stella Dimoko’s blog. Many men have fallen for Chioma’s tactics, huge and princely sums were paid to her and her principal, Stella Dimiko. We have tried getting across on several occasions (before finally going to the print) to Chioma Okere, all we got were insults and abuses. This was all we got from Stella Dimoko too before we decided to start this blog to expose these evil charlatans.

Choma Okere claims to be schooling in the US but no evidence points towards this direction, she could be doing anything in the US! Our investigation also confirmed that Chioma is about forty years old unrepentant wayward woman who started her prostitution right from her secondary school days. Chioma is a mean, wicked and diabolic person, this is according to one of her school mates we discussed with. Chioma we learnt can do anything for money as long as the price is good. A story was told of how Chioma was abducted by ritual killers some years back, it practically took the intervention of God for her dramatic release. This is the extent Chioma can go for money. We also learnt Chioma went for a surgery recently because her private part  was damaged as a result of batons and big sticks stuffed there at the same time, Chioma we leant bled for several days.

Apart from being a wayward individual, Chioma has an insatiable appetite for mad and violent sex. She has acted in few adult and x-rated movies, although we are unable to confirm this.

Chioma’s school mate we discussed with in Nigeria believed she could be on a revenge mission against men. Just like her mentor, Stella Dimoko, Chioma was raped by a her father at the age of thirteen – from then henceforth, she has been giving “it” all out and anyhow without limit at the right cost. In the coming days, we shall be giving vivid accounts and details of how she unsuccessfully blackmailed a young man in Nigeria but ended up tarnishing his image, Chioma is no doubt a ruthless criminal.

I have counselled quite a number of men who had been duped on Stella Dimoko’s Single and Mingle’s platform to totally avoid not only the SnM but also the blog in its entirety. Stella Dimoko is not only evil, her blog reels and oozes the stench of evil. Young men who value their lives and future should avoid the blog, it is infested with diabolic, wayward and evil young and old women who are all out to defraud and ruin young men. I have also advised a couple of my friends here in Europe to ensure their female children, sisters etc do not visit this blog, there is absolutely nothing to learn there but evil.

To be continued…

Editor’s note: I still hope Chioma Okere will be willing to tell us her own side of the story here, there is still much time to do that – we want to have a balanced story.

How Stella Dimoko’s relative and child trafficking aide was arrested

It is no longer news that ‘Mama Cash’ the notorious child and female trafficker Abigail Nwakama was arrested by men of the Nigeria Police Force, Delta state branch, read the stories here, here, or here if you doubt it. We reported several weeks ago how Madam cash recruited several girls for Stella Dimoko, see the story here.I received a lot of complaints, insults and abuse on this when we published this story, we sent a formal petition with the post then to the Nigerian police, we are happy now she has been arrested, we are eagerly waiting for the day the notorious female trafficker, blackmailer and criminal, Stella Dimoko will be also be arrested.

Madam cash was arrested  with a couple of their major male accomplices who also work for Stella Dimoko in the child/human trafficking and prostitution ring. One of the men has been identified as the one sleeping, raping and scamming young women on Stella’s Single and Mingle platform.

These notorious people of the underworld have been involved in this activity for years now until they ran out of luck last week, we shall continue to expose the evils on the Nigeria Cyberspace!

With them were twelve kidnapped children and also some other accomplishes. Stella Dimoko who is a good “copy and paste” blogger willfully and deliberately missed this report on her blog – what a shame! I am sure, the end of Stella’s prostitution ring is at hand.

When minors are kidnapped in Nigeria, they are sold off and passed to Stella who in turn sell them off to rich or middle class Africans in Europe to act as maids or even groom them as sex objects. In cases like this, it becomes very difficult to trace by security officers to know who and who is involved based on the long network of activities that has been done.

While we at blogreportersng are not in any way taking the credit for this arrest, we will continuously be at the fore-front of screaming loud and clear evils within the society especially perpetrated via the internet.

Many young female Nigerians have been raped and abused by male members of Stella Dimoko’s prostitution ring, we are happy the network is presently been dismantled by security agencies in Nigeria. This particular guy that was arrested was described as one of the main trusted ally of Stella Dimoko

In the days ahead, we will come out with more names of this blackmailing and prostitution ring. We are presently looking at several of the cases with emphasis at this time on the case of a Nigerian man in the Europe (who complained about a Nigerian woman based in Ghana) and another (man) in Lagos who was also duped by one of the many members of the blackmailing network.- all these will be presented to you to judge.

Before I go let me say this; in the past couple of weeks, faceless and “masked” individuals apparently from Stella have tried to deter and intimidated us from making more revelations, as we have said earlier, threats and intimidation will not deter us from working.

Thank you and God bless.


We statrted this here yesterday, today is the conclusion of our aost

In the last few days, my phone has been busy with calls from your Nigerian fans you must have given my number. My husband has not been spared from these empty threats too. Unfortunately, these are mere distractions that will not stop us from doing the right thing; you and I know they are just intimidation that will not work. I am patiently waiting for your first fan in the European Union that will call and threaten me- you know the in that case, jail is so sure for that person! Please keep up on that. Would you also be willing to tell the public how you continually come to drop threatening comments on my blog? I also refused to post them! You accuse people of doing something wrong, but you do it in your closet! Stella, you have no integrity. You know quite well that we both do not live in Nigeria, there is good policing here! I am undeterred by the empty threat you and your fans are making
For us here, we do not engage in gutter language, I will not dignify you and your fans with any answer on your vulgar comments. If I were in their position, I will also be blinded to the truth and of course ensure the continuance of the distribution of the 100 naira airtime you give occasionally on your blog.
May I also sound very clear as alleged by you that we don’t live on the clicks, as you can see, the blog is devoid of any form of advert, our lives don’t revolve round the clicks. We have a job to do – promoting healthy conversation on Nigeria cyberspace!
With every form of humility, may I inform you that Mr. Makun is too small to sponsor this site while you and your vulgar chanting fans are also too immaterial and irrelevant to derail us from doing our job. My team and I remain ever focus to get rid evil bloggers like you until they repent and change their ways. Leading over 8,000 female Nigerians astray will have a serious multiplier effect not only on the present generations but also the unborn generations. Recruiting naïve young girls into prostitution will definitely go a long way in adversely affecting the Nigeria society now and in the future.
May I also remind you of the great work Linda Ikeji is doing by empowering hundreds of young women at the same time! Bella Naija et al are impacting lives of young Nigerians positively, I suggest you emulate them and make a positive impact on ‘Project Nigeria:
As long as your blog is impacting Nigerians positively, I cannot teach you how to run your blog (or criticize you) so also you can also not teach me how to run my blog, who to write about, what to write about, when to write etc. You may also need to pass this message across to your numerous fans. In the coming days, I hope I will not be confused whether to write about how you also tried blackmailing RMD by spying on him which never came to fruition; how your Ghana agent (name withheld) duped an UK based Nigeria man of several thousands of Euro in the name of marriage; how you sent people to spy on Genevieve Nnaji on the possibility of blackmailing her etc. These are what we stand for – the truth. You preach something in the open and in your closet do something totally opposite
It is totally despicable and ridiculous when you openly use the gutter language on a blog teens visit, it is absolutely wrong.
Lastly before I go, I kindly implore you to stop living in self-denial, quit it – it won’t help you. Your denial has portrayed you as a quack, fake and a copy and paste blogger. You are leading many people especially young female astray. I pray God help you!
We shall not be deterred

A mad bull in a glass shop

The past week has been very busy for me and our blog staff (please note, we all have our normal jobs), we do not have any income whatsoever from this blog, it is our own way of giving back to the society.

I once heard the story of a mad bull in a Chinese glass mirror shop. You can imagine what happened just in few second in the shop! Animals find it extremely difficult to comprehend their images in the mirror, to compound this, the bull is raving mad. This satire is exactly the case of the blogger I am referring to.

As well predicted and expected, Stella Dimoko during the week threw away all caution and show how desperate she is to remain relevant. It is always said, “A clear conscience fears no accusation”. I have not wasted my time reading the hog-wash posted by her, but I have seen excerpts of the write-up presented to me by members of our editorial staff. It is unfortunate Stella will come out as usual using vulgar and “gutter” languages on a blog she claims is bigger than Linda Ikeji’s blog!

She went another low and threw caution to the wind by snapping her backside (I heard) on her blog for it to be licked by her perceived enemy- Mr. Ayo Makun! As it has been expressed in several of the articles here, Stella obviously had a very troubled background, over the years however, it is expected that her wayward attitude and acts, gutter and roguish life style should have been reducing gradually.

I implore Ms Dimoko to sit down for once and think about her life? Don’t you think? Why can’t you take responsibility for once in your life? At your age, you are still behaving like a primary school child! Shame on you!! May I remind you that the way you just accused Mr. Ayo Makun is the same way you have used your blog to attack eminent Nigerians same way! Linda Ikeji, Lanre Nzeribe, Dabota Lawson, JJ Omojuwa, et all have all suffered the same thing on your evil blog. The best treatment they should give you is to ignore you totally; your “rabid dog” behavior will not allow a sane person to even reply you. None of the people mentioned replied you, they know the type of person you are. Silence they say is the best answer for people like you!

Your attack on Linda Ikeji was waged for several months but she never said a word back to you. Same goes for other celebrities you tried to blackmail. Why are you eccentric and this myopic? You abused people on daily basis on your blog but you wouldn’t allow the dirty truth about your life mentioned? I am amazed at your claim our site is being sponsored by Mr. Makun? How come? I pity you really, looking like your case is beyond redemption Ms Dimoko! We started this blog and our mission statement is clearly stated on our blog! If you have any personal issue with Mr. Makun, why don’t you go and resolve that with him without dragging our blog into it. Of all the celebrities we exposed you of blackmailing, why did you decide to settle for Mr. Makun? Pray to God for forgiveness as you have chosen to attack an innocent man!

Instead of you to attend to real issues we exposed, you decided to chase shadows, why? Did you not tried blackmailing Nigerian celebrities we mentioned in our posts? Don’t you run a prostitution ring? You don’t know Angela in Turin that runs the prostitution network on your behalf? Attend to these issues and stop chasing shadows.

Your attitude has shown and revealed your character as a person that lacks integrity, good leadership abilities and strong abilities to stand correction.

Remember we discussed several times before I decided to start this blog? Thank God you at least confirmed I sent you mails several times before we started this blog, only that you decided to change the story to suit your audience. I clearly indicated my opposition to many issues on your blog. Whether I like it or not, about 8,000 young people read your blog every day, it is your duty to ensure they are not misled and they remain part of a better society. Coming online to start lying also portray you as a person that cannot be trusted! Stella, would you just go out there and address the issue of blackmail you are subjecting celebrities in Nigeria to?

It is a pity when people like you decide to influence young people the wrong way. I have a daughter, will I ever ask her to visit a blog where young women are being taught how to meet and sleep with men who are not their husbands (on the first date?) Where married women are happy to detail how they slept with younger men who are not their husbands? Where young women are encouraged having multiple sex partners? I can go on and on. I discussed all these with you in details on phone. Show me a blog with the number of your readership size in Nigeria with all these negative attributes. Stella, we have other blog of the same readership like yours:  LindaIkeji, bellaNaija, Lailasblog, Ladunliadi et al, they don’t have the same issues you have with celebrities every time. Don’t you think something is wrong? Why always you? Why not others? They are all envious of you I guess?

I learnt you claimed you have a reputation to protect in that terrible worded post! I cannot but laugh. What reputation? Reputation for blackmailing people? Reputation for quarrelling? I am still wondering what the reputation is all about. If you are known for anything, it is for being notorious for running a prostitution and blackmail network

You lied again by claiming you were seeing those allegations on our website for the first time! Big lie from the Master of lies! I bet the devil who is the father of all liars is jealous of you now!  After our several phone discussions on same, you asked me to go to hell. You even told me nobody will read our blog. Thank God you confessed you have been visiting our site before your post. It became apparent that our blogs became a threat to you in exposing your evil activities; we are bent on exposing your ills and dirty secrets, you have nothing to do than to try to prevent us from further secrets! How come when you saw the blog initially, all you do is “laugh” (as you claimed), but on 1st September, you wrote probably your longest post in years (I do not mean your usual copy and paste) and it was against our blog?

I will be glad if you do a soul-searching on yourself, go on holiday, think deeply about your life. You are obviously not the only blogger in Nigeria but perhaps the only blackmailer among them. You are probably the only one that runs a prostitution network.

Why don’t you tell the whole world how you have been calling me in the last few days to remove the contents of my site? You go online and claim you have evidence our site is being financed by Mr. Makun, go and settle whatever personal rift you have with him and stop blackmailing him with us! Don’t use our site as a bait! Whatever secret you are threatening to release about him is your problem, go on and do that, I don’t care because I don’t know him – go ahead. For me, please remember people will be interested to know the father of your first child! People will want to know places you went to in Benin and Ijebu-Ode before you got married. They will also be interested in what you came to do in London in March 2016, I mean – who you spent the weekend with and where! We should be careful in removing the speck in other people’s eye when there is a log in ours!

To be concluded later!

I will be back>>>—->>


How I was lured into prostitution in Europe by Stella Dimoko

The story of prostitution and child trafficking would not be told in Nigeria without mentioning a certain lady that has been involved in trafficking of hundreds of girls from West-African to Europe. Her  name is Stella Dimoko of She has been involved in this dreadful activity even before her acclaimed migration to Europe. While many may not know, Stella herself is still personally involved in the nefarious activity.  It is widely reported she sleeps with many white men in Germany and some other parts of Europe to compliment her expensive life style. In the last few years, Stella must have lured nothing more than two hundred and fifty young girls as prostitutes to Italy, UK, Germany and many part of the European Union.

I received a tip-off of a particular woman living in London who was lured to the Europe for prostitution few years ago by Stella Dimoko. Since I got this tip-off over four months ago, I have been working underground to ensure I meet the lady. My hard work paid off last week when I finally met her in her residence at Birmingham. The story was gory! The story was ugly! What she passed through was evidently traumatizing. I recorded the interview and planned to put it on YouTube very soon. Stella Dimoko is obviously a wicked woman!

Her name is Favour, she is 24 years old now and came to Europe in 2012. Find below extracts of the transcript of my interview with Favour (this is not the whole interview).

“I am from Edo state but I live in Warri with my elder sister after I completed my OND in Federal Polytechnic, Auchi in 2011. I could not back to school immediately because I lost my father when I was in OND 2. Immediately after my OND, I decided to go stay with my Sister in Warri. My sister (and her husband) definitely could not cater for all my request adequately, for the first time in my life, I had a boyfriend as a result of bad friends. Before I knew it, I had four boyfriends and all them were big boys! All of a sudden I became very rich for my age!!”

“In six months, I left all of them graduating to having sugar daddies. These girls were extremely rich people. In a short time, I left my sister and I was having like 1,0 million naira in my bank account. One night, I was at a club in Warri (name deliberately withheld), I met a lady, maybe around 35 whose name is Joy, we exchanged phone numbers after the normal chat and club gist. She called me the following day and we agreed to meet somewhere at Ughelli road. After exchanging pleasantries, she started by offering a way of escape from the hardship of Nigeria, promising me bed of roses in Italy via prostitution. At that point (March 2013), I was having almost two million naira in my account, I have already made up my mind and even included in my new year resolution to leave prostitution. This discussion was definitely not good for me, so I left her at the restaurant. To be honest, before I met this woman that particular day, I actually checked up a place I wanted to use as a boutique and salon.

Big Joy (as she was fondly called) contacted me again, same week – this time she agreed to meet me in my house. The story changed a bit that day , I was told it is not prostitution but hustling! What does this mean, I asked? She said it could mean anything to many people. If you are a nurse, you could be a care giver, hospital attendants etc. If you are a guy, you could be working in farm, mines etc. I read Laboratory technology and she informed me, there is a slot for a lab attendant somewhere in Turin for about 1,800 dollars equivalent. At this point, my greed led me to be more interested.Why are you doing this, Big Joy? She told me she has a commission from the white men who are her employers. So if this is good as you have painted, why are your family members not there? I asked again. Joy brought out her bag and showed me pictures of two people she claimed are her blood sisters apparently in Europe from the picture visuals.

I agreed to follow her, in less than three months, I was told my visa was ready to Italy after spending absolutely nothing. As you can see me, you will note I am a very beautiful lady and light-complexioned, I was more beautiful than this few years ago ( Editor’s note: honestly, this lady is beautiful, as a woman myself, I admire her beauty). I changed all my money to dollars, off I go, I was in Rome. I was received at the airport by a middle-aged called Angela, she was apparently waiting for me, it was then I realized we were eight in number – we were deliberately not informed so that we could not form a team. I think that day was a Thursday, we were told we will wait for Madam who runs the business to come over to see us on Saturday. We were all cramped into a very small room for two night, Madam arrived on Saturday morning with another guy named Kingsley, from the discussion, I realized her name was Stella (I never knew she was Stella Dimoko, then).

We were told the name of the job is prostitution. I screamed!! That was not my briefing before leaving Nigeria!! Madam Stella told me I can go back but I will need to refund the ticket and related cost. I had with me about 13k us$ and offered to pay that as their refund. I received another shocker when I was told the cost was 92k euro, the money was forcefully collected from me, I died emotionally. To my amazement, the other girls were not surprised, I am sure they knew they were coming for prostitution. That night, they invited several other African men, they conducted an oath on us, collected our blood for the oath and kept us unclad during the period. Madam Stella was always on laptop working, I never knew what she was doing then.

After the rituals, three of the men took turns to rape me, it was something I will never forget, they did that to the rest of the girls too. By Sunday morning, Madam Stella has disappeared, I learnt she went back to her “base” Saturday night. The following morning, Angela told us we are doomed if we tried to run away, to my surprise, she showed me recording of the rituals and where the men were raping us on her phone, I think I must have fainted!

That was how I began sleeping with Italians for money! Sometimes, I sleep with three or four men daily. I witness on daily basis how Angela wire and transfer money to Stella. Stella of course comes when there are new girls from Nigeria and also reconcile payment wired to her by Angela. In 2015 November, I was told I have been able to repay back only 19k us$ after I must have slept with sea of men! At that point, I knew I was a sex-slave and need to confront my slave master, Stella Dimoko.

I have about 3k Euro, this I got from sex client as tips and dash, I have stacked the pieces of this money very neatly in one of my boxes so that the other girls will not steal it. Few weeks later, I had a client who was a military officer. He was in Iraq during the Gulf war and speaks decent English. We developed good relationship and he became my regular client

He came one day and I told him I was a slave, I needed his help. He did not believe me until I explained everything to him. He told me there is a limit to what he can do because he should not be found in a brothel and that my Madam could use it against him but he still agreed to help me nonetheless.

As agreed, he came one weekend to the brothel, Asked for Angela and he showed his ID card, Angela froze. He ordered me to pack my things and collected by International passport! I left the brothel, he took me to main town in Turin to his sister. The sister’s name was Augusta, she was really good and nice to me only that it was very difficult communicating with her as she doesn’t speak English. He left me with my passport only to come back after three days with a Schenghen visa. For the first time, my hope was rekindled and I can see my life coming back. With my 3k Euro and another 500 euro gift from Augusta, I planned to start a new life.

That same night, I called my cousin in UK who was a nurse in Birmingham. She was happy and willing to receive me. She came with the sad news that I cannot enter the UK with Schengen visa! My world collapsed again. The money I have will not last too long without a job. Anyway, she agreed to invite me to the UK and I got a 2 years stay.

I am happier now, enrolled in the University after regularizing my visa. I arrived in the UK and understand that Stella Dimoko runs a blog! I identified her on her blog as the woman behind the prostitution ring that brought me to Europe. One day, I am sure she will pay for all her sins it is just a matter of time. I am surprised Stella could be running a blog and be pretending like that, what a shame! She must have misled hundreds of girls and enslaved them as prostitutes

When I finish my degree, I hope to stay back because it is a medical course. I sure know I will see Stella Dimoko the prostitute patron again.

Editor’s Note: You may want to know that my several calls and emails to Stella Dimoko were not attended to