Tonto Dike: How Stella Dimoko crashed her marriage

The dust is finally settling down on the bitter marital feud between the notorious actress Tonto Dike and her gentleman husband, Olakunle Churchill.  The past several months has been months of accusations and counter accusations by both parties.

Few things that were obvious to people are: Olakunle Churchill must have married the wrong woman. Tonto Dike takes hard drugs and smokes Indian Hemp! Tonto Dike has problems managing her anger and could get into a fit rage destroying items that could worth millions of naira. Tonto Dike it has also been rumored was sleeping with other men while she was married. All these are in the public domain for assessment.

Recently, Tonto Dike’s nanny also corroborated the fact that she is a very violent person, please read that here

Quiet many people never knew the evil role played by the evil blogger, Stella Dimoko. Stella Dimoko herself has never been married, she was alleged to have contracted marriage with a German man for residency in Germany. Stella Dimoko confessed during an interview published on the internet this year she was never married! Stella is also notorious for female trafficking and prostitution in Italy. Many of her acolytes were caught last year in Nigeria. Nigerian Police are possibly on her trail if she steps on Nigeria soil. Stella Dimoko is extremely evil and wicked

After Tonto got married to Olakunle Churchill, Stella continued to pester Tonto to leave the marriage cooking up so many untrue stories about the young man as Stella wanted to date the thorough-bred man (obviously for money). Olakunle, we learned rebuffed Stella’s several overtures and made it clear he was not interested in any extra-marital relationship with Stella Dimoko or any other person. Obviously hitting a road block, Stella Dimoko started to plant stories on the internet about Rosy Meurer.

Stella Dimoko has a ring and network of prostitute like Chioma Okere, et al she works with who planted stories in several places on the internet. Tonto Dike who has been looking for a way to cash out of this marriage found this as a good opportunity and bolted away on the advice of Stella Dimoko. It was alleged Tonto Dike absconded from the marriage with hundreds of thousand of dollars, 2016 Landcruiser SUV, a couple of landed property documents among many other things.

We have learned how Tonto Dike sent tens of thousand of dollars to Stella Dimoko as part of her own share of the loot and “consultancy cost”.

Early this year, a blogger Adeola Olonilua was arrested by the Nigerian police in Lekki Phase I for defaming Olakunle Churchill, she confessed of being sent by the evil blogger, Stella Dimoko. Please see the youtube video here:

This is not the first time Stella Dimoko has been enmeshed is controversy, she has been caught trying to blackmail celebrities like Lanre Nzeribe, comedian AY Makun, Mr. Oluseyi Ishmail, Toke Makinwa etc. Stella Dimoko in recent times has been caught sleeping with several musicians and celebrities for money.

Just like us, many Nigerians had written petitions in times past to the Nigerian Police against Stella Dimoko. Stella Dimoko has since been avoiding to step into the country for fear of arrest

While we acknowledged the very rough background of Stella Dimoko (she was deflowered and severely abused and assaulted sexually by her father at pre-teen age), one expected her to have gotten over the ugly past.

We still call on the security officials to arrest Stella Dimoko. This is not the way to be a blogger, all Stella Dimoko is doing is blackmailing.


3 thoughts on “Tonto Dike: How Stella Dimoko crashed her marriage

  1. Stella dimokokorkus is a mischievous fool,ugly motherfucka and bastard like rafcherry too. Chioma ugochukwu is a sick slut


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