Nigeria’s most notorious blackmail and female trafficking “merchant”, Stella Dimiko is in the news again! Stella Dimoko is in the news this time for prostitution and child trafficking activities in Europe as reported by the Daily Mail. We were the first to break the news of Stella Dimoko’s prostitution Network activities to the world (if you miss that please make sure you read it here).

Again, Stella Dimoko’s prostitution network and accomplices were busted in Spain by the security agents of that country! Just like we reported months ago, several young girls who were involved in prostitution and child trafficking sponsored by Stella Dimoko were also this time arrested by the Spanish police.

Stella Dimoko has been involved in child trafficking and prostitution for many years in the Europe. She left Nigeria and relocated to Germany a couple of years back, thanks to a fraudulent marriage she had with a German citizen.

Immigrants are frisked by Police officers following their arrival on board of a Spanish coast guard vessel into the Southern Spanish port of Ma 

Immigrants are frisked by police officers following their arrival on board of a Spanish coast guard vessel into the southern Spanish port of Malaga on December 3, 2016 ©SERGIO CAMACHO (AFP/File
Stella Dimoko while in Nigeria was renowned for her nefarious activities as a big time prostitute and sponsor of several young women in the illicit trade. She was credited for the collapse of many marriages, blackmail of many of her rich ex-boyfriends et al. She relocated (to Germany) after a sham marriage ferrying hundreds of kilograms of hard drugs and illicit substances to Europe.

Members of her network in these unholy activities were recently apprehended in Nigeria upon several petitions sent to the Nigeria Police (see the story here).

In this recent expose by the Daily Mail of the UK (see it here), Ms. Dimoko organizes voodoo rituals and covenants with the young women possibly to scare them and get them committed to prostitution. Daily Mail described in vivid details how Ms. Dimoko’s victims are treated gruesomely, and kept under inhuman conditions.

In order to force the young women to stay after the voodoo rituals, they were told they owed the organization between 40,000 and 45,000 euros ($42,000 and $47,000), police said, and forced into prostitution in the northern town of Bilbao and the holiday resort of Benidorm in the east and several parts of Europe.

Daily Mail further went ahead to highlight the routes Stella Dimoko took her young female victims through to arrive at Spain and Italy. As we reported months ago, these girls were promised good job, education etc in Europe, they only get to Europe to learn they will be forced into prostitution.

A total of nine girls were rescued at this instance, though yet to be returned back to Nigeria.

Stella Dimoko stands tall as the biggest sponsor of all time of sex trade exported to the Europe from Nigeria.



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