How Stella Dimoko tried unsuccessfully to blackmail Toke Makinwa

Few weeks ago, Nigerians were thrilled to the book written by Toke Makinwa which substantially detailed the events of her past marriage with her now estranged husband. The book was sort of a mini biography about the life of the celebrity vlogger, Toke Makinwa. On Becoming was over a hundred page written by Toke Makinwa. The book was given accolades by many celebrities like DBanj, Linda Ikeji etc.

Immediately the book was published, it started to receive knocks and serious knocks for that matter from our evil blogger, Stella Dimoko. The reason for this was not really known as Stella Dimoko (and her fans) are the only dissenting voice criticizing the book. Stella Domoko even went as far as suggesting unsold copies of the books should be mopped up from the bookshop and burnt.

She went further to suggest that whoever gave the idea of writing a book to Toke Makinwa misled her, the book was not well-edited, written in poor language, bla bla bla. The ranting continue for several days until I read the page from the book posted below and I contacted Stella Dimoko.


My first reaction was, apart from celebrities Stella Dimoko has been blackmailing (or tried blackmailing) in the past, how many of them did she called to confirm a story that did not directly relate to them? Were Toke Makinwa a poor petty trader somewhere in Lagos (thank God she is not),  would Ms Dimoko have called her? If there is no ulterior motive, do you need to call Toke (whom you have never talked to) before you post a story if you are an honest blogger.

These singular act on the page of the book (posted above) forced me to do proper investigation on the events that transpired when I went back to Nigeria for Christmas. Recall I informed you on this blog Ms Dimoko has several women working for her in her blackmail and prostitution network, they are always abreast of information – they broke the news to Stella Dimoko. Also remember Naijagistlive and Matharoo twins news we brokered on this blog?

I learned authoritatively that Stella Dimiko called Toke Makinwa to see how she could blackmail her, Ms Makinwa being a celebrity, Stella Dimoko understands she has to be very careful as not be seen as pushing for blackmail. Ms. Makinwa obviously a good lady with proper training devoid of Stella Dimoko’s gutter lifestyle did not know that if she has offered to pay for the news, it (the news) probably wouldn’t have been exposed to the public in that evil manner.

Immediately after Sella Dimoko called Ms. Makinwa, I can confirm that many of the (evil) field workers of Stella Dimiko were asked to get across to Toke and close associates with a view to extort few millions of naira from her! It was a dead-end, Toke is not used to this type of lifestyle and will not play ball. Stella Dimoko got the message and posted the gossip in less that thirty minutes! What a wicked soul is Stella Dimoko!

Every positive thing about Toke Makinwa has not been posted by Stella Dimoko just because she refused to be blackmailed!

I will re-underline my initial call to Stella Dimoko to repent and forsake these evil attitudes of hers!! Blackmail is evil! Prostitution is evil! Female trafficking is evil. It is just a matter of time, she will soon be arrested for all these evil


3 thoughts on “How Stella Dimoko tried unsuccessfully to blackmail Toke Makinwa

  1. If you think stella’s normal,the hyena’s clinically insane and to make matters worse she has a -0 IQ so you can imagine such an unfortunate combination.The thing about graduating with 3rd class from an inferior Nigerian tertiary institution despite being able to bribe lecturers with sex or money means that you can hardly understand questions asked so answering them correctly would be damn near impossible.She’s a hopeless case and i hope she gets what’s coming to her lying blackmailing bastard!


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