Naijagistlive: We are suffering in detention and our major sponsor is enjoying, Matharoo Sisters lament

Matharoo Sisters whom a section of the media alleged as the brain behind the moribund naijagistlive blog are new “singing” in detention. The sisters claimed they were just used as front by the major owner of the blog to perpetrate numerous evil. They claimed they were only involved with sleeping with men for money while Stella Dimoko is actually the brain behind the blog

We broke the news weeks ago how Stella Dimoko an evil blogger operates this blog to extort money from rich Nigerians. Stella Dimoko is extremely notorious for the evil of blackmail, female child-trafficking , prostitution et al. The sisters though admitted they were involved indirectly with the blog claimed the major owner of the blog is Stella Dimoko who lives and resides in Germany based on a sham and scam marriage to a German citizen

My several; calls to Ms Dimoko in the past couple of weeks confirmed this story as she never denied knowing the Sisters. A stubborn Stella Dimoko weeks ago also confirmed knowing one Babatunde who was the developer of the site, she was to later confirm Babatunde was an ex-lover despite her claim of being married at that time.

Unfortunately, Nigeria does not have any serious cyber law, otherwise Nigeria should have requested for the deportation of Ms Dimoko to face all the many atrocities levelled against her.

Stella Dimoko has scammed a lot of Nigerians on a blog especially men. She was forced to trade the proceed of naijagistlive with the Matharoo Sisters and Babatunde to keep them silent. Stella Dimoko not only confessed recently on her blog that her marriage was a scam, but also informed her gullible fans she wants to dump her “husband’s” surname. Stella Dimoko works with several younger women across Nigeria and West-Africa sub-region to defraud innocent young women.

Shealso posted on her blog recently how the “owner” of naijagistlive contacted and begged her for interview, what a lie from the devil’s daughter herself! Since then, we have not heard anything from the :”interview”

Stella Dimoko is a con and a thief. In sane environment, she should be behind bars cooling her heels. Stella Dimoko has been scamming Nigerians for over 4 years now!



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