This demon, the devil’s queen, Stella Dimoko

The Devil’s bride from Hell, Stella Dimoko!!

There is a wicked demon living among human beings that has been ravaging evil in Nigeria blog-sphere for over three years called Stella Dimoko. Stella Dimoko is not human, nothing but a devilish, stone-hearted demon who chooses her abode with humans and not with other evil congregants in the satanic coven.
Stella Dimoko was raped and deflowered at preteen age by her father in their Delta state home. Another version to that story was totally different, it claimed Stella was the one who always go to lure the man for sex at that tender age. She succeeded on that particular day as she was able to drug her father and eventually slept with him! The leader of the community where Stella Dimoko hailed from confirmed this story to us. This is clearly devilish and demonic! Immediately after this act (just at the age of 12 or 13), Stella Dimoko has been giving the “honey pot” to the highest bidder.
Throughout her University days, Stella Dimoko lived large, jumping from one man’s bed to another, sleeping with one ‘Aristo’ to the other. Stella Dimoko ruined several marriages, snatching several husbands from their legitimate wives using occultist means especially as she looks like the spirit animal -the hyena.. . Stella Dimoko was hardly in school, she lived large, enjoyed life, partied hard and left university with a 3rd class degree.
By the time she left school, there was no plan to work, she continued her game but now on a big level now as a full-time “runz girl”. After doing this for few years and it began to dawn on her prostitution cannot be done forever, she got a job with Encomium magazine in Lagos, this is where Stella Dimoko learnt and started the art of blackmail. She started to blackmail many of her former “sugar daddies”. This paid off for her and she was able to raise money to start female trafficking of young girls to Europe. The demon Stella Dimoko fully resumed her duties as the devil’s queen!
I will leave the detailed story of her female child trafficking for another day but dwell a bit on her blackmailing activities. Encomium was a soft sell and gossip magazine, so also is the Stella Dimoko blog. Stella Dimoko has been blackmailing honest and hardworking men on her blog for money. Many of the victims are celebrities who are blackmailed daily on her blog. They are blackmailed to part with princely sum of money to get post written against them removed. The recent ones that backfired include the cases of AY Makun, Seyi Ishmael, Lanre Nzeribe, JJ Omojuwa et al.
In many cases, she employs “foot soldiers” who write as anonymous or with fictitious blog ids that have no email contact in the comment sections and “call out” innocent victims and Stella Dimoko as planned quickly enable such wicked and diabolic comment with a view to blackmailing the victims, this was the case of Seyi Ishmael whose middle name is Femi (which is the name stella uses on her blog for blackmailing purposes )

In other cases, these women pose as single women on her Single and Mingle post with a view to extort money from innocent men. Many young men have fallen victim to this scam. In another way, these women of easy virtues go to facebook and search for men with rich background with a view to blackmailing them, all these are part of the whole ploy for blackmail.
Prominent among these blackmail saga was that of a middle-aged man called Seyi Ishmael. Seyi who is a top business executive fell into Stella Dimoko’s blackmailing ring of evil agent, Chioma Okere also known as @Taichyy on twitter. Femi was mentally tortured by Chioma Okere and her principal Stella Dimoko on her evil blog. To remove all the evil post they made about him, he was asked to pay 500,000 naira into Stella Dimoko’s Zenith bank account in Nigeria, what a big shame!! He refused, so the attack against him and his family continued. Seyi refused to budge so Stella,Chioma and another member of their gang named Ebi Brisibe created a fake facebook account in his name with his pictures they stole from his Facebook and other social media accounts after one year of stalking him, alleging all sorts of despicable things as confession i.e. murder, rape, pedophilia amongst many other sick things only an insanely evil mind can think of…the rest is now history.

I contacted Seyi via email recently, he told me he has moved on with his life and he is not bothered with hungry low-lifers like Stella Dimoko and her gutter gang.
Stella Dimoko when challenged with all these stories confirmed they are substantially true but she is trying to reconcile with Femi as it obvious Femi reported this to the German police when he was in Europe last month, October . Stella Dimoko will always rant on her blog about one Femi without a surname (of course there thousands of Femi in Nigeria) who she cannot pinpoint what the issue is. If Ms Dimoko is sure of all she is accusing this faceless Femi for, why not formally report him to the police? Of course, they are all part of her blackmail strategies.
In the coming days, I will be posting screen shots I got from Seyi how this evil blogger tried apologising to him knowing he was falsely accused after the blackmail has been established. Stella Dimoko is trying to distance herself from the blackmail as it is at the moment!
I however see a better Nigeria, where the likes of blackmailers like Stella Dimoko, Chioma Okere, Ebi etc will be behind bars and locked up for their evil deeds against humanity.


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