My Marriage was Fake

The renowned controversial and blackmailing blogger, Stella Dimoko confirmed yesterday (23rd November 2016) on her blog our several allegations that she might not be married after-all (hopefully she won’t go back to alter or remove the post which is her usual practice!)
We confirmed authoritatively that Stella Dimoko was never married; she only did a shambolic arrangement to get German residency via her husband! Recall that we have never referred to her as Mrs. Korkus in any of our post at any time; we have always refer to her as Ms Dimoko. Yesterday 23rd November, 2016, she claimed she would like to be addressed as Ms Dimiko, going to confirm our much allegation against her.
In the coming days, we do hope that Ms. Dimoko will honestly address the fraud marriage she conducted with Mr. Korkus. She used the fraud marriage to get the German residency; the truth is obviously coming out now. Like I said earlier on one of my posts, the Truth cannot be covered for too long.
Apart from this Fraud marriage, Stella Dimoko is also known for female trafficking (to Europe) and also runs a prostitution ring of black young women in Italy. In the past couple of months, several of her accomplishes were caught in Nigeria as a result of our expose and petition to the Nigeria Police Force. It is our hope and belief that Ms Dimoka would soon be arrested too.
Ms Dimoko who also is alleged to be a prostitute herself has been accused of sleeping with celebrities and with news just seeping to the public of her alleged escapades with Babatunde Oyedepo who was accused of being the brain behind Investigations directly from Naijagistlive revealed how Stella Dimoka alone slept with as much as six men at a time
In the coming days, we shall continue our expose on this evil and wicked blogger.

I will be coming up with facts in the coming days who is the real father of her first child, it is a secret to be unfold


3 thoughts on “My Marriage was Fake

  1. Oh wow!Always thought there was something very suspect about the way she shields her ‘family’s identity from everyone. No one who has nothing to hide would go to that extreme,obviously there’s a lot more she’s hiding.Hope the law catches up with this hyena-looking beast soon


  2. Lol @hyena looking beast…never have truer words been spoken.The funniest thing about the olooriburuku olobo tankasu is that she will post lies about people and then start forming victim when they come for her.Talking about God handling the people that wish her evil,illiterate stella dimoko thinks God’s one of her ignorant blog readers who don’t know the whole story before opening their ass-like mouths to fart an opinion about stuff they know nothing about.I pray God deals decisively with her before 2016 runs out.stella you’re a nobody from a long lineage of nobodies hence why you have to bribe very hungry people with peanuts to show u any kind of ‘love’ kikikikiki


  3. I think about 2 years ago this is what i read on her blog. some commentators said it was Azuka.O who wrote it, others said it was Laura. I. I will paraphrase. Stella, were you not the one whose mother died on the way from the babalawo that she went to to do jazz so your German sugar daddy could marry you? Adds up somehow. Any picture anywhere of the old German? Nope. that tells you what then? Fake!


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