I will kill you, Stella Dimoko threatens

Nigeria’s notorious and vicious blogger, Stella Dimoko has threatened to kill a couple of people who dared the odds by complaining directly to us.

For the avoidance of doubt, this is how it works with us: you send us complain about a blogger, we investigate the allegations, contact the blogger to get their own side of the story (if found to be true), publish the story if the blogger refuses to stop the blackmail, abuse or cyber bulling acts. Before we go to press, we confirm if you intend to maintain your confidentiality by going anonymous, in this case, one of our whistle-blowers, Seyi Ishmael waived the confidentiality protection.

Since the post was made, aside me and my family members, Seyi also has not been at peace – he receives emails from Stella threatening to kill him and invoking curses. Stella Dimoko has confirmed that she is like the proverbial pig that when taken to the palace to dine with Kings, she will still need to visit the dustbin for handouts. The mails (to Seyi) have been sent using pseudo names but recently using her official email sdimokokorkus@gmail.com, mistakenly. Stella Dimoko has threatened to eliminate Seyi and his family in the US.

This is totally a case of an alleged fraudulent person (Stella Dimoko) being exposed! It is a wonder that this same person is the one that picks a quarrel with every other person under the guise of blogging. Just because the Nigerian legal system is not working, I bet it, Stella Dimoko should be cooling off in jail by now!

Apart from being an alleged “runs girl” and a major human trafficker of female young girls to mostly Italy and Spain, may I also remind Nigerians how Stella Dimoko accused comedian AY Makun of sponsoring this site and project, accused him of being vindictive etc only to come back the following week shedding crocodile tears that her blind fans should stop their vitriolic attack on the Comedian. She has accused Linda Ikeji and likewise JJ Omojuwa in the past of sponsoring attacks against her.

I have personally received nothing less than fifty (yes 50!) mails just in a couple of months this project started. I have formally complained to the German police who are presently working on her case. Stella Dimoko is nothing but can be likened to scam and a fake. Since we started this exposé, I have dared Stella to also complain to French police for my arrest, she cannot. The fifty naira airtime being shared on periodic basis keeps less privileged Nigerians glued to her site.

While I have urged Seyi to also make a formal report to the German police (which i believe he has done in recent time) it is also important he also lodges a formal complaint with the Nigerian Police Force.


Stella Dimoko in recent times has informed me how she will deal with me and my husband forgetting that this is not Nigeria where you could get away with such comments and threats. Seyi in his house has also been noticing strange movements and people occasionally following his car. It is totally dangerous to underrate a gang and mafia leader in the caliber of Stella Dimoko, her type are terribly wicked, harmful and extremely dangerous.

Stella Dimoko has shown and demonstrated her penchant for being intolerable, wicked, sadistic and evil. In coming days, we shall continue our exposé of wicked bloggers in like manner and their evil collaborators within and outside Nigeria.

I will not conclude today without a word for her roguish and thuggish fan to desist from sending threats to us here, if they feel aggrieved, they should go and report to security enforcement officers just as we have done against Stella Dimoko. May I state that no amount of intimidation would deter us from doing our work. Stella Dimoko and her blog would not deter us from doing our work.


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