Uncovered: Chioma Okere, alleged blackmailer and prostitute working for Stella Dimoko (2)

We started here this week on this story. I must confess that this is a very difficult one for me considering the issues involved, I am also a woman like Chioma, but the truth must also be told.

Chioma Okere got back to me yesterday, but I must confess I am not impressed. I have always said I will only publish a balanced story, I delayed this story specifically because of her. I have been able to confirm that the guy involved in this whole issue with  Chioma and Stella Dimoko in this blackmailing saga is at least a genuine businessman that lives in Lagos, Nigeria, his name is Seyi. Seyi is a thorough-bred professional from a very rich background obviously totally different from the rag-tag background of Chioma and Stella Dimoko. After his father’s death few years ago, he moved permanently to Nigeria to oversee his father’s estate which includes 15,000 bpd oil well in Eket.

Unfortunately for Mr. Seyi Ishmael, he fell for the evil trap of Chioma Okere and Stella Dimoko. Just like we said on many posts here before, Stella and her co-travelers prey on upcoming and successful men alike to defraud them. Seyi was exchanging pleasantries with Chioma Okere for few months on the internet before he knew Ms Okere is a dupe and cheat just like Stella Dimoko. Mr. Ishmael became extremely uncomfortable when Chioma sent him her several unclad pictures!  The pictures were horrible!! When Seyi Ishmael was in the US to see his family, he refused to get in physical contact with Ms Chioma Okere obviously due to her degrading and uncouth behavior. Upon the discovery by Chioma that she is being offloaded by Seyi, she decided to resort to the blackmail option – she requested Mr. Ishmael to pay $4,000 (to complete her school fees).

Ms Stella Dimoko (the mastermind of the whole case) stepped into the matter by pretending to settling the case, she increased the ransome to $5,000! Seyi did not bulge!! (remember this was what she did to Comedian AY Makun) On realizing the money will not be released, Stella set loosed her junk-yard dog, Chioma Okere.

Mr. Seyi Ishmael refused bluntly to pay the ransom. The repercussion is what we see on the internet today – Stella Dimoko and Chioma started to write uncomplimentary things about him. Fake facebook and different social media accounts were opened in the name of Seyi Ishmael, pictures were stolen on his original facebook page to start this. What a pity! Stella descended to the level of the pigs once again. (For the records, to say Seyi will feed Stella Dimoko and Chioma’s generation will be an understatement of the obvious fact!)

When you are being blackmailed, the best thing to do is definitely not to pay any ransom cause it (the ransom) will continue to be demanded by the blackmailer. Seyi did the right thing by not succumbing to the evil machinations of Stella Dimoko.

I discussed with Stella immediately after the Part 1 of this series was published earlier in the week, she acknowledged Chioma Okere used to be her accomplice but she (Stella) has turned a new leaf and expect Chioma Okere to do same. I requested for her to make a public apology to Seyi, she informed me it would be considered only for me to learn that she went back on her blog ranting like a demented soul yesterday!! The leopard will unfortunately not change its spotty skin!! The story of Stella Dimoko is likened to the proverbial pig taken to the palace but went back in the night to the waste bin to eat!! No matter what you do for a pig, it will still tell you it is a pig. Put Stella Dimoko in the Queen’s palace, she will still continue with her old past.

Stella Dimoko acknowledged the fact that Chioma Okere worked for her albeit in the past, but refused to tell me what they did together, the truth will always prevail. The story of Madam Cash, Stella Dimoko’s prostitution accomplice is still fresh in our minds!

I keep saying this, Stella Dimoko’s blog is not a place for sane minds to be, the blog is full of evil women set to devour young men. The economy in Nigeria is biting, her tactics is about sharing few naira notes on periodic basis for hungry souls who still visit the blog.

I hope to do the concluding edition of this series when I get the final reply from Chioma Okere; till then, please stay blessed!

To be continued…




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