Uncovered: Chioma Okere, alleged blackmailer and prostitute working for Stella Dimoko (I)

This is the story of the most ruthless and vicious blackmailer working for Stella Dimoko. She is also a prostitute and possibly have no other work. You can see her on Facebook and Twitter (as @Taichyy), she has many identities on the cyberspace like  @hanatug @obyoby11 (on Twitter) and blog ID Nmasinachi. (I am sure these will be deactivated very shortly)

We have been on this issue for several week when we were contacted by at least two of the many male she has blackmailed. Just like rape, victims of blackmail will refuse to come out due to many reasons ranging from fear (of the unknown), insecurity, perceived bad publicity, et al. These two men who contacted us, dared all theseand came out to give accounts of their encounter with Chioma Okere!

I have received a couple of complaints from few people about Chioma Okere. Our investigations led us to the confirmation of the allegation made by them that Chioma is nothing but a fraudster, blackmailer and also a prostitute. We were able to establish solid evidences that Chioma work for Stella Dimoko. On few occasions, Chioma Okere sent her nude picture to gullible men which she uses as a bait for them. You will see her comments everywhere on Stella Dimoko’s blog with these numerous IDs.

Chioma Okere is nothing but a chip of the old block (of her mentor), Stella Dimoko. She also runs a blog (which is now moribund) solely for blackmailing men. Chioma Okere just like many of Stella Dimoko’s evil fans calls out men in the comment section to blackmail them with a view to receive huge ransom on Stella Dimoko’s blog. Many men have fallen for Chioma’s tactics, huge and princely sums were paid to her and her principal, Stella Dimiko. We have tried getting across on several occasions (before finally going to the print) to Chioma Okere, all we got were insults and abuses. This was all we got from Stella Dimoko too before we decided to start this blog to expose these evil charlatans.

Choma Okere claims to be schooling in the US but no evidence points towards this direction, she could be doing anything in the US! Our investigation also confirmed that Chioma is about forty years old unrepentant wayward woman who started her prostitution right from her secondary school days. Chioma is a mean, wicked and diabolic person, this is according to one of her school mates we discussed with. Chioma we learnt can do anything for money as long as the price is good. A story was told of how Chioma was abducted by ritual killers some years back, it practically took the intervention of God for her dramatic release. This is the extent Chioma can go for money. We also learnt Chioma went for a surgery recently because her private part  was damaged as a result of batons and big sticks stuffed there at the same time, Chioma we leant bled for several days.

Apart from being a wayward individual, Chioma has an insatiable appetite for mad and violent sex. She has acted in few adult and x-rated movies, although we are unable to confirm this.

Chioma’s school mate we discussed with in Nigeria believed she could be on a revenge mission against men. Just like her mentor, Stella Dimoko, Chioma was raped by a her father at the age of thirteen – from then henceforth, she has been giving “it” all out and anyhow without limit at the right cost. In the coming days, we shall be giving vivid accounts and details of how she unsuccessfully blackmailed a young man in Nigeria but ended up tarnishing his image, Chioma is no doubt a ruthless criminal.

I have counselled quite a number of men who had been duped on Stella Dimoko’s Single and Mingle’s platform to totally avoid not only the SnM but also the blog in its entirety. Stella Dimoko is not only evil, her blog reels and oozes the stench of evil. Young men who value their lives and future should avoid the blog, it is infested with diabolic, wayward and evil young and old women who are all out to defraud and ruin young men. I have also advised a couple of my friends here in Europe to ensure their female children, sisters etc do not visit this blog, there is absolutely nothing to learn there but evil.

To be continued…

Editor’s note: I still hope Chioma Okere will be willing to tell us her own side of the story here, there is still much time to do that – we want to have a balanced story.


9 thoughts on “Uncovered: Chioma Okere, alleged blackmailer and prostitute working for Stella Dimoko (I)

  1. Oh wow!I’ve been a victim of this one.She operates from Florida where she claimed to be doing her masters.She sent me nude pictures of herself sucking her own nipples,fingering her pussy and also pictures of her ass then asked me to help her with the equivalent of 400k naira in dollars to be paid into her GTBANK Account in Nigeria.Upon realising she was trying to scam me because there’s no way the American Embassy in Nigeria would issue a Nigerian citizen student’s visa unless the tuition had been paid in full with receipt and they got confirmation from the INS,i told her i found our interaction boring and she should not contact me again.This was on a Thursday in June last year,the weekend passed without incident and i was glad to see the back of her only for her to start calling me on Tuesday screaming some obscenities and i hung up on her.I sent her a whatsapp message to quit bugging me but she persisted via email because i’d blocked her number thereafter.She sent me a mail that if i did not want her to tarnish my image,I had better send the 400k or she and stella dimokokorkus would do a post on her blog labelling me an Internet fraudster and Scammer.Next thing i got was a mail from Stella herself threatening that if i didn’t pay nmasinachi $4000,she would go on and do the malicious post.I told her to go to hell,since i had an idea how much of a greedy thief she was with the young boy looking after his blind grandma-SEHINDEMI’s story.
    Alas i woke up the next day to phone-calls from some female friends bringing my attention to a post on stella’s blog labelling me an Internet fraudster/Scammer with over 230 comments,none of which corroborated her allegation apart from the comments posted by chioma okere(blog id nmasinachi).My female friends that commented positively about me complained that stella was deliberately not enabling their comments.Next message i got was stella asking for $5000 to bring the post down,at which point i had contacted my lawyers and refused to pay her.After four days,she pulled down the story but not before she had ensured some of her mushroom blogs had culled the story from her blog as can still be found on the Internet till today.A year after,they’ve gone a step further.Now they have created a fake facebook account in my name,using pictures of me they stolé online alleging all sorts of evil as confessional statements i.e murderer,paedophile amongst many other things.There’s also a 40yr old accomplice called Ebi,who was contemplating suicide at the time we first spoke in or around june 2015 because she was childless and had been unemployed for 2 years.The idea was to help her get back on her feet without compromising the objective and glory to God,she got a fantastic job in January 2015.She tried to lure me sexually severally by sending voicenotes in which she was using a dildo/vibrator on her private part while moaning and talking dirty.Thankfully,i have all correspondence saved with my lawyer for when we eventually get our day in court.Will talk more on the Ebi angle when time frees up.



  2. Forgot to specify that the 400k naira chioma had initially asked for,she claimed was to complete her school fees in the university because she had been unenrolled and thrown out of school accommodation as confirmed by her in the Internet fraudster story she and her madam-stella concocted.This was a foolish lie because they would not have issued her with a student’s visa to start with if she had not paid her fees in full being a Nigerian citizen/foreign student.


  3. The binding factor amongst the three accomplices so far seems to have been three failed fathers.While i believe stella’s father’s case has been dealt with in previons posts,i will shed more light on the other two.Chioma Okere’s father was considered a weakling amongst his kinsmen because he fathered only girls (5 in total).Not until the job was contracted to an outsider was her mother able to birth a son.Her father,after the frustration of snide comments about the boy’s paternity by kinsmen and friends set in,he took refuge in the local liquor called ogogoro and became the neighborhood drunk who was often pulled out of the gutter which he had made a bed.It has been alleged that there were cases of sexual molestation but they remain unconfirmed.Chioma,seeing her younger brother as only half a sibling did not see anything wrong in looking between his legs whenever he sat around in shorts as money for full clothing was in short supply and fantasize about what she termed ‘his huge dick’.

    However,Ebi Brisibe was not fortunate enough to have a relationship with her father who threw them out at an early age and refused to have anything to do with them.Mind you,like Chioma’s dad,he also had all girls and a last boy who later passed away.While all her sisters are married,unlike in Chioma’s case where none of them is married…Ebi is happy playing mistress to married men at 41yrs old without a child of her own.Will shed more light on who is believed to have been responsible for the death of the only boy amongst other things as time permits.


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