How Stella Dimoko’s relative and child trafficking aide was arrested

It is no longer news that ‘Mama Cash’ the notorious child and female trafficker Abigail Nwakama was arrested by men of the Nigeria Police Force, Delta state branch, read the stories here, here, or here if you doubt it. We reported several weeks ago how Madam cash recruited several girls for Stella Dimoko, see the story here.I received a lot of complaints, insults and abuse on this when we published this story, we sent a formal petition with the post then to the Nigerian police, we are happy now she has been arrested, we are eagerly waiting for the day the notorious female trafficker, blackmailer and criminal, Stella Dimoko will be also be arrested.

Madam cash was arrested  with a couple of their major male accomplices who also work for Stella Dimoko in the child/human trafficking and prostitution ring. One of the men has been identified as the one sleeping, raping and scamming young women on Stella’s Single and Mingle platform.

These notorious people of the underworld have been involved in this activity for years now until they ran out of luck last week, we shall continue to expose the evils on the Nigeria Cyberspace!

With them were twelve kidnapped children and also some other accomplishes. Stella Dimoko who is a good “copy and paste” blogger willfully and deliberately missed this report on her blog – what a shame! I am sure, the end of Stella’s prostitution ring is at hand.

When minors are kidnapped in Nigeria, they are sold off and passed to Stella who in turn sell them off to rich or middle class Africans in Europe to act as maids or even groom them as sex objects. In cases like this, it becomes very difficult to trace by security officers to know who and who is involved based on the long network of activities that has been done.

While we at blogreportersng are not in any way taking the credit for this arrest, we will continuously be at the fore-front of screaming loud and clear evils within the society especially perpetrated via the internet.

Many young female Nigerians have been raped and abused by male members of Stella Dimoko’s prostitution ring, we are happy the network is presently been dismantled by security agencies in Nigeria. This particular guy that was arrested was described as one of the main trusted ally of Stella Dimoko

In the days ahead, we will come out with more names of this blackmailing and prostitution ring. We are presently looking at several of the cases with emphasis at this time on the case of a Nigerian man in the Europe (who complained about a Nigerian woman based in Ghana) and another (man) in Lagos who was also duped by one of the many members of the blackmailing network.- all these will be presented to you to judge.

Before I go let me say this; in the past couple of weeks, faceless and “masked” individuals apparently from Stella have tried to deter and intimidated us from making more revelations, as we have said earlier, threats and intimidation will not deter us from working.

Thank you and God bless.



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