A mad bull in a glass shop Part II

We statrted this here yesterday, today is the conclusion of our aost

In the last few days, my phone has been busy with calls from your Nigerian fans you must have given my number. My husband has not been spared from these empty threats too. Unfortunately, these are mere distractions that will not stop us from doing the right thing; you and I know they are just intimidation that will not work. I am patiently waiting for your first fan in the European Union that will call and threaten me- you know the in that case, jail is so sure for that person! Please keep up on that. Would you also be willing to tell the public how you continually come to drop threatening comments on my blog? I also refused to post them! You accuse people of doing something wrong, but you do it in your closet! Stella, you have no integrity. You know quite well that we both do not live in Nigeria, there is good policing here! I am undeterred by the empty threat you and your fans are making
For us here, we do not engage in gutter language, I will not dignify you and your fans with any answer on your vulgar comments. If I were in their position, I will also be blinded to the truth and of course ensure the continuance of the distribution of the 100 naira airtime you give occasionally on your blog.
May I also sound very clear as alleged by you that we don’t live on the clicks, as you can see, the blog is devoid of any form of advert, our lives don’t revolve round the clicks. We have a job to do – promoting healthy conversation on Nigeria cyberspace!
With every form of humility, may I inform you that Mr. Makun is too small to sponsor this site while you and your vulgar chanting fans are also too immaterial and irrelevant to derail us from doing our job. My team and I remain ever focus to get rid evil bloggers like you until they repent and change their ways. Leading over 8,000 female Nigerians astray will have a serious multiplier effect not only on the present generations but also the unborn generations. Recruiting naïve young girls into prostitution will definitely go a long way in adversely affecting the Nigeria society now and in the future.
May I also remind you of the great work Linda Ikeji is doing by empowering hundreds of young women at the same time! Bella Naija et al are impacting lives of young Nigerians positively, I suggest you emulate them and make a positive impact on ‘Project Nigeria:
As long as your blog is impacting Nigerians positively, I cannot teach you how to run your blog (or criticize you) so also you can also not teach me how to run my blog, who to write about, what to write about, when to write etc. You may also need to pass this message across to your numerous fans. In the coming days, I hope I will not be confused whether to write about how you also tried blackmailing RMD by spying on him which never came to fruition; how your Ghana agent (name withheld) duped an UK based Nigeria man of several thousands of Euro in the name of marriage; how you sent people to spy on Genevieve Nnaji on the possibility of blackmailing her etc. These are what we stand for – the truth. You preach something in the open and in your closet do something totally opposite
It is totally despicable and ridiculous when you openly use the gutter language on a blog teens visit, it is absolutely wrong.
Lastly before I go, I kindly implore you to stop living in self-denial, quit it – it won’t help you. Your denial has portrayed you as a quack, fake and a copy and paste blogger. You are leading many people especially young female astray. I pray God help you!
We shall not be deterred


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