A mad bull in a glass shop

The past week has been very busy for me and our blog staff (please note, we all have our normal jobs), we do not have any income whatsoever from this blog, it is our own way of giving back to the society.

I once heard the story of a mad bull in a Chinese glass mirror shop. You can imagine what happened just in few second in the shop! Animals find it extremely difficult to comprehend their images in the mirror, to compound this, the bull is raving mad. This satire is exactly the case of the blogger I am referring to.

As well predicted and expected, Stella Dimoko during the week threw away all caution and show how desperate she is to remain relevant. It is always said, “A clear conscience fears no accusation”. I have not wasted my time reading the hog-wash posted by her, but I have seen excerpts of the write-up presented to me by members of our editorial staff. It is unfortunate Stella will come out as usual using vulgar and “gutter” languages on a blog she claims is bigger than Linda Ikeji’s blog!

She went another low and threw caution to the wind by snapping her backside (I heard) on her blog for it to be licked by her perceived enemy- Mr. Ayo Makun! As it has been expressed in several of the articles here, Stella obviously had a very troubled background, over the years however, it is expected that her wayward attitude and acts, gutter and roguish life style should have been reducing gradually.

I implore Ms Dimoko to sit down for once and think about her life? Don’t you think? Why can’t you take responsibility for once in your life? At your age, you are still behaving like a primary school child! Shame on you!! May I remind you that the way you just accused Mr. Ayo Makun is the same way you have used your blog to attack eminent Nigerians same way! Linda Ikeji, Lanre Nzeribe, Dabota Lawson, JJ Omojuwa, et all have all suffered the same thing on your evil blog. The best treatment they should give you is to ignore you totally; your “rabid dog” behavior will not allow a sane person to even reply you. None of the people mentioned replied you, they know the type of person you are. Silence they say is the best answer for people like you!

Your attack on Linda Ikeji was waged for several months but she never said a word back to you. Same goes for other celebrities you tried to blackmail. Why are you eccentric and this myopic? You abused people on daily basis on your blog but you wouldn’t allow the dirty truth about your life mentioned? I am amazed at your claim our site is being sponsored by Mr. Makun? How come? I pity you really, looking like your case is beyond redemption Ms Dimoko! We started this blog and our mission statement is clearly stated on our blog! If you have any personal issue with Mr. Makun, why don’t you go and resolve that with him without dragging our blog into it. Of all the celebrities we exposed you of blackmailing, why did you decide to settle for Mr. Makun? Pray to God for forgiveness as you have chosen to attack an innocent man!

Instead of you to attend to real issues we exposed, you decided to chase shadows, why? Did you not tried blackmailing Nigerian celebrities we mentioned in our posts? Don’t you run a prostitution ring? You don’t know Angela in Turin that runs the prostitution network on your behalf? Attend to these issues and stop chasing shadows.

Your attitude has shown and revealed your character as a person that lacks integrity, good leadership abilities and strong abilities to stand correction.

Remember we discussed several times before I decided to start this blog? Thank God you at least confirmed I sent you mails several times before we started this blog, only that you decided to change the story to suit your audience. I clearly indicated my opposition to many issues on your blog. Whether I like it or not, about 8,000 young people read your blog every day, it is your duty to ensure they are not misled and they remain part of a better society. Coming online to start lying also portray you as a person that cannot be trusted! Stella, would you just go out there and address the issue of blackmail you are subjecting celebrities in Nigeria to?

It is a pity when people like you decide to influence young people the wrong way. I have a daughter, will I ever ask her to visit a blog where young women are being taught how to meet and sleep with men who are not their husbands (on the first date?) Where married women are happy to detail how they slept with younger men who are not their husbands? Where young women are encouraged having multiple sex partners? I can go on and on. I discussed all these with you in details on phone. Show me a blog with the number of your readership size in Nigeria with all these negative attributes. Stella, we have other blog of the same readership like yours:  LindaIkeji, bellaNaija, Lailasblog, Ladunliadi et al, they don’t have the same issues you have with celebrities every time. Don’t you think something is wrong? Why always you? Why not others? They are all envious of you I guess?

I learnt you claimed you have a reputation to protect in that terrible worded post! I cannot but laugh. What reputation? Reputation for blackmailing people? Reputation for quarrelling? I am still wondering what the reputation is all about. If you are known for anything, it is for being notorious for running a prostitution and blackmail network

You lied again by claiming you were seeing those allegations on our website for the first time! Big lie from the Master of lies! I bet the devil who is the father of all liars is jealous of you now!  After our several phone discussions on same, you asked me to go to hell. You even told me nobody will read our blog. Thank God you confessed you have been visiting our site before your post. It became apparent that our blogs became a threat to you in exposing your evil activities; we are bent on exposing your ills and dirty secrets, you have nothing to do than to try to prevent us from further secrets! How come when you saw the blog initially, all you do is “laugh” (as you claimed), but on 1st September, you wrote probably your longest post in years (I do not mean your usual copy and paste) and it was against our blog?

I will be glad if you do a soul-searching on yourself, go on holiday, think deeply about your life. You are obviously not the only blogger in Nigeria but perhaps the only blackmailer among them. You are probably the only one that runs a prostitution network.

Why don’t you tell the whole world how you have been calling me in the last few days to remove the contents of my site? You go online and claim you have evidence our site is being financed by Mr. Makun, go and settle whatever personal rift you have with him and stop blackmailing him with us! Don’t use our site as a bait! Whatever secret you are threatening to release about him is your problem, go on and do that, I don’t care because I don’t know him – go ahead. For me, please remember people will be interested to know the father of your first child! People will want to know places you went to in Benin and Ijebu-Ode before you got married. They will also be interested in what you came to do in London in March 2016, I mean – who you spent the weekend with and where! We should be careful in removing the speck in other people’s eye when there is a log in ours!

To be concluded later!

I will be back>>>—->>



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