How I was lured into prostitution in Europe by Stella Dimoko

The story of prostitution and child trafficking would not be told in Nigeria without mentioning a certain lady that has been involved in trafficking of hundreds of girls from West-African to Europe. Her  name is Stella Dimoko of She has been involved in this dreadful activity even before her acclaimed migration to Europe. While many may not know, Stella herself is still personally involved in the nefarious activity.  It is widely reported she sleeps with many white men in Germany and some other parts of Europe to compliment her expensive life style. In the last few years, Stella must have lured nothing more than two hundred and fifty young girls as prostitutes to Italy, UK, Germany and many part of the European Union.

I received a tip-off of a particular woman living in London who was lured to the Europe for prostitution few years ago by Stella Dimoko. Since I got this tip-off over four months ago, I have been working underground to ensure I meet the lady. My hard work paid off last week when I finally met her in her residence at Birmingham. The story was gory! The story was ugly! What she passed through was evidently traumatizing. I recorded the interview and planned to put it on YouTube very soon. Stella Dimoko is obviously a wicked woman!

Her name is Favour, she is 24 years old now and came to Europe in 2012. Find below extracts of the transcript of my interview with Favour (this is not the whole interview).

“I am from Edo state but I live in Warri with my elder sister after I completed my OND in Federal Polytechnic, Auchi in 2011. I could not back to school immediately because I lost my father when I was in OND 2. Immediately after my OND, I decided to go stay with my Sister in Warri. My sister (and her husband) definitely could not cater for all my request adequately, for the first time in my life, I had a boyfriend as a result of bad friends. Before I knew it, I had four boyfriends and all them were big boys! All of a sudden I became very rich for my age!!”

“In six months, I left all of them graduating to having sugar daddies. These girls were extremely rich people. In a short time, I left my sister and I was having like 1,0 million naira in my bank account. One night, I was at a club in Warri (name deliberately withheld), I met a lady, maybe around 35 whose name is Joy, we exchanged phone numbers after the normal chat and club gist. She called me the following day and we agreed to meet somewhere at Ughelli road. After exchanging pleasantries, she started by offering a way of escape from the hardship of Nigeria, promising me bed of roses in Italy via prostitution. At that point (March 2013), I was having almost two million naira in my account, I have already made up my mind and even included in my new year resolution to leave prostitution. This discussion was definitely not good for me, so I left her at the restaurant. To be honest, before I met this woman that particular day, I actually checked up a place I wanted to use as a boutique and salon.

Big Joy (as she was fondly called) contacted me again, same week – this time she agreed to meet me in my house. The story changed a bit that day , I was told it is not prostitution but hustling! What does this mean, I asked? She said it could mean anything to many people. If you are a nurse, you could be a care giver, hospital attendants etc. If you are a guy, you could be working in farm, mines etc. I read Laboratory technology and she informed me, there is a slot for a lab attendant somewhere in Turin for about 1,800 dollars equivalent. At this point, my greed led me to be more interested.Why are you doing this, Big Joy? She told me she has a commission from the white men who are her employers. So if this is good as you have painted, why are your family members not there? I asked again. Joy brought out her bag and showed me pictures of two people she claimed are her blood sisters apparently in Europe from the picture visuals.

I agreed to follow her, in less than three months, I was told my visa was ready to Italy after spending absolutely nothing. As you can see me, you will note I am a very beautiful lady and light-complexioned, I was more beautiful than this few years ago ( Editor’s note: honestly, this lady is beautiful, as a woman myself, I admire her beauty). I changed all my money to dollars, off I go, I was in Rome. I was received at the airport by a middle-aged called Angela, she was apparently waiting for me, it was then I realized we were eight in number – we were deliberately not informed so that we could not form a team. I think that day was a Thursday, we were told we will wait for Madam who runs the business to come over to see us on Saturday. We were all cramped into a very small room for two night, Madam arrived on Saturday morning with another guy named Kingsley, from the discussion, I realized her name was Stella (I never knew she was Stella Dimoko, then).

We were told the name of the job is prostitution. I screamed!! That was not my briefing before leaving Nigeria!! Madam Stella told me I can go back but I will need to refund the ticket and related cost. I had with me about 13k us$ and offered to pay that as their refund. I received another shocker when I was told the cost was 92k euro, the money was forcefully collected from me, I died emotionally. To my amazement, the other girls were not surprised, I am sure they knew they were coming for prostitution. That night, they invited several other African men, they conducted an oath on us, collected our blood for the oath and kept us unclad during the period. Madam Stella was always on laptop working, I never knew what she was doing then.

After the rituals, three of the men took turns to rape me, it was something I will never forget, they did that to the rest of the girls too. By Sunday morning, Madam Stella has disappeared, I learnt she went back to her “base” Saturday night. The following morning, Angela told us we are doomed if we tried to run away, to my surprise, she showed me recording of the rituals and where the men were raping us on her phone, I think I must have fainted!

That was how I began sleeping with Italians for money! Sometimes, I sleep with three or four men daily. I witness on daily basis how Angela wire and transfer money to Stella. Stella of course comes when there are new girls from Nigeria and also reconcile payment wired to her by Angela. In 2015 November, I was told I have been able to repay back only 19k us$ after I must have slept with sea of men! At that point, I knew I was a sex-slave and need to confront my slave master, Stella Dimoko.

I have about 3k Euro, this I got from sex client as tips and dash, I have stacked the pieces of this money very neatly in one of my boxes so that the other girls will not steal it. Few weeks later, I had a client who was a military officer. He was in Iraq during the Gulf war and speaks decent English. We developed good relationship and he became my regular client

He came one day and I told him I was a slave, I needed his help. He did not believe me until I explained everything to him. He told me there is a limit to what he can do because he should not be found in a brothel and that my Madam could use it against him but he still agreed to help me nonetheless.

As agreed, he came one weekend to the brothel, Asked for Angela and he showed his ID card, Angela froze. He ordered me to pack my things and collected by International passport! I left the brothel, he took me to main town in Turin to his sister. The sister’s name was Augusta, she was really good and nice to me only that it was very difficult communicating with her as she doesn’t speak English. He left me with my passport only to come back after three days with a Schenghen visa. For the first time, my hope was rekindled and I can see my life coming back. With my 3k Euro and another 500 euro gift from Augusta, I planned to start a new life.

That same night, I called my cousin in UK who was a nurse in Birmingham. She was happy and willing to receive me. She came with the sad news that I cannot enter the UK with Schengen visa! My world collapsed again. The money I have will not last too long without a job. Anyway, she agreed to invite me to the UK and I got a 2 years stay.

I am happier now, enrolled in the University after regularizing my visa. I arrived in the UK and understand that Stella Dimoko runs a blog! I identified her on her blog as the woman behind the prostitution ring that brought me to Europe. One day, I am sure she will pay for all her sins it is just a matter of time. I am surprised Stella could be running a blog and be pretending like that, what a shame! She must have misled hundreds of girls and enslaved them as prostitutes

When I finish my degree, I hope to stay back because it is a medical course. I sure know I will see Stella Dimoko the prostitute patron again.

Editor’s Note: You may want to know that my several calls and emails to Stella Dimoko were not attended to


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