Stella Dimoko: The making of a blackmailing and prostitution network

Until 2013, Stella Dimoko runs a low key prostitution network of young ladies mostly from Delta and Edo states in Nigeria to Europe.These are mostly little girls below 18 years on regular basis but in trickles. As usual, these girls are blackmailed, tortured and brainwashed that if they run away, they would die! One of Stella’s confidant informed us that the girls are also video-taped nude, engaging in sex, threatened severely if they tried to run away, the videos will be made available to the public. Stella as widely infamous for prostitution herself in Nigeria knows the ins and outs of the illicit trade.

When her infamous blog was birthed, it was (and up till now) used as a platform for blackmail, prostitution, child trafficking and many other atrocities.  In some cases, few of this girls were recruited from other West African countries like Togo, Benin republic, Ghana etc. In these West African countries, Stella is known to have a major recruiters in such countries to ensure the level of success she had in the illicit trade

The level of blackmail and prostitution moved a step further with her blog used as a successful platform to blackmail and arrange for sex. The Single and Mingle (SnM) programme was one of the many platforms used by Stella to arrange prostitution for many of his girls who now ply their illicit trade online.

In other cases (for blackmail), men are targeted mostly, called out in the comment section while comments are enabled and approved by Stella without any investigation. Such men are later followed up with calls to pay money and threatened with usual negative stories.

In many recent disturbing cases and trends,  we have seen cases where comments made by her (Stella) as an anonymous fan (or get some person) to do this while such young men are brutally attacked on the blog simply for huge ransom

What level of blackmail would you describe the case of people especially men being blackmailed with their phone numbers, house address, working places, vehicle numbers being displayed on the blogs as comments and approve by the administrator (Stella) of the blog. You may wish to know that the blog is not a ‘free comment’ blog, comments needed to be approved by the blog administrated before being posted. This is called nothing but wicked blackmail. To say this is oversight is begging the answer as there is nothing negative about Stella on the comment section. If they appear erroneously, they are deleted the following minute.

If this (blackmail) has been happening in the US or Europe, this criminal masquerading as a blogger would have been behind bars by now! Simple and short.

When the SnM is posted, young women and wayward married women call out names of their former lovers on the comment section for others to hook up with them. Erotic comments like size of the manhood, sex ecstasy, duration of sex etc are freely described and discussed on the blog! In some cases, we learnt even if you have issues to grind out with you colleague, friend, et al; the blog serves as a good place to even out – just post your comment as anonymous, pronto! If you are eyeing a guy in your locality and he is not even seeing you, call him out and accuse him of something on the blog (it will  be approved by Stella, provided returns will be made later), be very sure – somebody that knows him will get to him in few days; he becomes yours in a couple of weeks or you get a big blackmail ransom to leave him alone.

Recently, due to our many complaints, she decided to do a post on the blog where she encouraged her readers to freely discuss the successes of the SnM but she instructed such comments must be under the anonymous mode – what a fraud? Truly, “Warri no dey carry last” 

Young girls and married women openly discuss their sex meeting with their male date and such comments are approved – what a shame to womanhood! I feel distraught as a woman whenever I have to look at the blog (for issues like this).

I was in Dublin couple of months ago where I met a guy who was severely duped, cheated and even blackmailed by one of the numerous girls of easy virtues on the blog. This man was not married, he naively mistook the SnM as a genuine exercise. He was met with the shocker of his life when he discovered that the woman (name withheld) was not only married twice, but also had a grown up son. He quickly cancelled all arrangement he made with the woman but never got back thousands of Euro he sent to plan for the wedding. Surprisingly, the woman (based in one of the West-African countries) did not make any preparation for wedding despite receiving over 4,000 Euro. (In the coming days, I hope to take this particular issue as a post and story with the name of the woman, at the moment details are sketchy and we are still confirming the story)

On few occasions, we were reliably informed how women pass information about a “big boy” to Stella to post on the blog itself (not on the comment section now), and many of the girls will send their nude pictures to him to for sex and even sex orgies.m

While many  other bloggers use their blogs to educate, reflect the ills of our society, carry good news etc, Stella Dimoko has chosen the part of destruction for the youth of our dear nation. Not only has this blogger decided to be evil, she has also created the path of destruction for the much younger generation.

Creating a platform were sex are negotiated, people are blackmailed, others are bullied is not only wrong, it is criminal.


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