Revealed: How Stella Dimoko tried blackmailing Comedian AY

Ayo Makun has written and  inscribed his name in the sands of time, generations will remember him as one of the best Comedians from Africa. With virtually nothing, he started and built a career which has since seen him moved from obscurity to global limelight. AY as fondly known all over the world is not only a Comedian of pedigree, he has also cut a niche in acting. His last movie won him so many awards internationally, making his movie the highest revenue grossing in Nigeria history

AY is 45, just celebrated his birthday few days ago, to cover her track, Stella perhaps grudgingly  put up a birthday wish for him. The blackmail story of AY by Stella was not too different from that of Lanre Nzeribe a lot of details were involved.

Around January 2016, AY was said to have received a call from an unknown person from Europe who claimed to be a journalist, the caller was asking some questions regarding AY’s wife which were very strange to him. A very annoyed AY we learnt eventually dropped the call as he said the questions were totally uncalled for, he never knew it was Stella

A couple of days after this casual incidence, AY was in London. Precisely one of the evening in his hotel, he was told he has a female visitor, a surprised AY informed the hotel management he was not expecting any female visitor by the name Stella.  About the same time the following day, we learnt the visitor was back this time with a male accomplice.

An infuriated AY we learnt stormed out of the reception for his room as his unknown visitors were indirectly trying to demand money from him to avoid publishing a damaging and negative story about him.

AY who probably was hearing of Stella for the first time was not prepared for what will befall him in the coming days – unknown to him, a perfect ambush has been laid for him.

Prior to his departure for London, AY made arrangement for a full and total fumigation of his house, unknown to the evil blogger, she assumed there was problem in the marriage which was what she got wind earlier and trying frantically to blackmail the family with. While AY’s wife has made proper arrangement to ensure a smooth fumigation exercise and also temporarily moving out of the house, Stella has gone to press to break a negative news since she was not able to squeeze anything from him

Realizing nothing like what was reported on her blog happened, she said the couple were acting up, later she said they patched up their marriage! A shamed Stella on her blog later claimed God used her to mend the broken marriage after it was obvious there was no breakup as she claimed. A bewildered AY at that time laments porous Nigeria laws on damages, libel and related issues. He was quoted as saying he would be happy to be silent and not glorify an unknown blogger with any answer.

All calls put to Stella on her phone to clarify her own part of the story was not acknowledged.



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