How Stella Dimoko is blackmailing Nigerian celebrities

Stella Dimoko just like most Nigerian is from a very humble background. She was born to peasant farming parents. She came out of the university with a pass grade, raped as a teenager. From many of the stories we gathered, she must have lived a life of promiscuity. She probably financed herself through university.

While her classmates are in school, they informed us she is always by the roadside hustling for “clients”. This was the trend throughout her stay in the university. She lived a lavish life courtesy of her numerous boyfriends and ‘sugar-daddies’. By the time she left school, she continued with this life style but when age set in, her “marketability” dropped totally.

She eventually got a job as a columnist with a soft sell magazines. This took her to many parties, night clubs etc. This is in a quest to continue and satisfy her thirst for ‘good’ life. As things continue on a bumpy road for her, she eventually met a client in one of the night clubs who is today her husband. This guy as we learnt is not really rich but a German citizen. Stella was said to have married this man for the residency permit.

The German spouse could not sustain her appetite for sex nor fund her lavish lifestyle; hence, the birth of a blackmailing goldmine –

To stay relevant and afloat when the blog was birthed, everything remained controversial until it became a 31 dollar a day website today. 31 usd from a blog is not enough to fund Stella’s lifestyle, so there is need to do something else with blogging – this is blackmailing and scamming people.

This post will look at the blackmailing part of her lifestyle. The first notable blackmail issue that was rumoured with Stella Dimoko was that of the Lagos socialite and refined gentleman, Lanre Nzeribe. It was rumoured Stella send emissaries to Lanre with the story she heard, but the guy refused to bulge as nothing like that ever happened.

She was said to have sent the second time another set of people so that Lanre could part with money to avoid the negative story. All of a sudden she decided to thread where Angels fear to, and took the path of fools, posted the fake and unverified news about Lanre!!

Lo and behold, Lanre called in an American based attorney, Madam Stella was scared to bone and started begging Mr. Nzeribe. People were sent to Lanre, the offensive post was removed and apologies made. How foolish can a blogger go in the quest to make money? Nigeria should have laws on cyber contents immediately against the type of criminals parading as bloggers.

On my next post, we shall discuss how the same blogger tried blackmailing some other successful celebrities.

Editor’s note: For some of you that have sent in your complaint, please be patient as we have quite a number at this time and we need to investigate them before publishing the.




2 thoughts on “How Stella Dimoko is blackmailing Nigerian celebrities

  1. Glad someone is doing something about this desperate blackmailer.First time i spoke with her on the phone,i’d called her to enquire about how to help a little boy named Sehindemi who looked after his blind grandma(a story she had posted to garner financial support on ‘behalf’ of the boy she claimed).She said i had a champagne voice and she assumed i was a representative of Tunde Folawiyo whom she had posted an unsavory story about around the same time.She said she thought i was calling to ask for her bank account details so i can deposit a substantial amount of money for her to pull down Mr Tunde’s story on her blog once she received an alert.Once i assured her i was calling about a totally unrelated matter,she became extremely hostile and agitated shouting that if i couldn’t send my contribution towards Sehindemi and his grandma’s upkeep to her in Germany,i should get lost.Mind you,Sehindemi lived in a remote village in the SW of Nigeria and i resided in Lagos.When i refused to send my contribution to her in Germany and suggested i would rather talk to a top management staff of a reputable bank that has a huge branch network about setting up something at their branch closest to Sehindemi where he could be picking up funds for their monthly upkeep,she told me in no uncertain terms to get lost and hung up the phone on me.
    I woke up early the next morning to again find a strongly worded email from her all in capital letters heaping venomous curses,it was then i realized i was dealing with a very diabolical,greedy and evil person.
    May God bless the work of your hands on this blog and you have my 100% support.Will share your link with my friends on IG,Facebook and Twitter

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