Fraudulent Success stories by Stella Dimoko, the face of fraud

Just as expected and in obvious and apparent reply to our post on exposing the the fraudulent blogger, Stella Dimoko has put up a post today asking her fans to publish their success stories.

We have received a call today from a follower of our blog who was contacted by Stella to “cook” up something urgently to help save her waning integrity. We have asked the lady to continue to play along but encouraged her to get a written mail from Stella which we will publish anytime we have it.

So far, nobody has mentioned their names, I have called a guy in Abuja who thinks most of the positive comments must have been fabricated by Stella, as usual to confuse her gullible readers. Let all of them put their names and we shall prove or disprove it.

All stories from the SnM has always been negative except this one which is apparent reaction to our expose.

Stella is obviously a crook, a smart one for that matter!!

The expose will continue.


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