Fraudulent Dating: Scamming people in the name of blogging

Stella-Dimoko-Korkus-LIBEL-Against-Actress-NuellaSequel to our post on Stella Dimoko’s scamming of her fans, see the full article here, more and more people have written within the last 24 hours to further confirm our stories. More people have complained to us how she scammed them of money, organizing sleeping partners (and not spouses) as promised. Some others complained how they have been blackmailed, others complained of intimidation  etc.

A peep into her past life actually revealed she must have married her acclaimed German husband for residency and stay permit. In fact, many unconfirmed report suggests the blogger still engage in the illicit old trade of prostitution. She has been seen in many uncompromising places and positions at very ungodly hours. Before I left Europe last month, we were having girls gist and this notorious blogger’s issue came up. I was amazed at the remarks.

Looking closely at the blog, valued the total income from the blog to a pittance of 43 usd per day, this is more generous to what statstool valued the blog of daily revenue to be at 31 usd. What is my point, 31 usd is not enough to sustain a lavish lifestyle Stella was living in Nigeria as “Olosho” (or runz girl), she need to engage in blackmail, hard core cheating etc to survive. In fact, one of my friend promised to give me a X-rated movie where she acted an adult movie actress, this will be made available once I get this!

I will dwell a bit from where we stopped yesterday, testimonies from scammed men and women. When I started this, I never knew I will be opening a can of worms. My email box is still receiving mails from very distressed fans. I have so many leads I am also looking at the moment, I hope these leads could materialize into a good story, I will talk about what I have in the coming days.

Lets us start today with the complaint of Temi, Female 34. Temi leaves in Abuja and met a guy on the dating programme organised by Stella, being totally naive that the notorious Single and  Mingle organised by Stella Dimoko is totally for sex, she agreed to meet the guy in a restaurant. Surprisingly, the guy told Temi on first date they should go and make love (less than one hour of their meeting). A confused Temi called Stella immediately (+495210329280) and got another shocker from Stella, who asked Temi what is bad in sleeping with a guy you meet on a first date? She left the guy at the restaurant.

Chioma, a banker 37 was not so lucky. After contacting Stella on helping her to get a responsible man, Stella passed on her a dupe named Charles from Delta state who collected 1.9m naira from her and ran away. She reported to police, it was later proved and confirmed Charles left for Germany where he came from for vacation obviously from Stella. Charles is probably one of the numerous sleeping partners of Stella

Kola, 39 was not so lucky, severely blackmailed by the girl he met on the SnM if he does not want a negative story  about him to be published on the blog for over 1.2 million naira. He confirmed to us he wrote to Stella to help me, but Stella asked him to pay the money if he does not want a negative story to be published.

Stella Dimoko is obviously a crook who should be arrested whenever she steps her foot on Nigerian soil. I urge all young men and women in Nigeria to promptly report to the nearest police station to them – no sinner will go unpunished, Amen

Editors note: If your name has been mentioned on the bog by any of her irresponsible fan, please get in touch with us with your story, we will promptly investigate and report to the world, quite a few we have seen their name mentioned on the blog have been contacted, we hope they would get back to us ant tell us their side of the story.



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