Fraudulent Dating: How Stella Dimoko scammed fans of Money

stella-3Stella Dimoko-Korkus is infamous for for arranging sex dates on her bog which referred to as Single and mingle. She claimed the ultimate aim of the programme is that the couple should be able to get along after the “sex-escapades” and marry. Unfortunately, many “testimony” on the blog abounds as how men and young women end up sleeping with themselves on first date like animals.

No single report of wedding has been announced from such of the numerous sex dates. From the comments on the blog, even married women come to give “testimonies” of how they happy they are after being severely ‘banged’ by younger men who are not there husband as a result of the Single and mingle. The evil blog is filled with filth and oozes out rot by unholy fans.

In the fast few days, I have received accounts  of few of her fans who claimed to have been scammed by the evil and diabolic blogger. I will publish their mails in the coming days.

Many of the scammed fans are the ones who are genuinely looking for spouses and perhaps not aware the only thing is a big scam. The other group of people are the ones who gave money to Stella to help them find spouses for a fee. We are going to dwell more on the people in the latter part.

Rachael (not real name) 36, lives in the UK, claimed she wrote several emails to Stella Dimoku when she announced in early July the month’s edition of the programme, she claimed never to have participated in it before until the July edition. She wrote personally to Stella Dimoko about how she has never been married and wished to be. How Stella can use her blog and the SnM to help her, Stella agreed to help her get a ‘good’ guy

When the dating progamme was posted, she got a couple of guys from the diaspora but not from where she resides. To be sure it was not a scam, she called Stella again, this time Stella demanded money (even told her, that was how she Stella, got her  own spouse). Cutting a long story short, she paid 700 euro. After days of expectation, she called Stella back, she was given another shocker – the money was for processing and registration, Stella needs more money to pay investigators if the guys are real. Another hard earned 400 Euro was paid! It is now one month, Stella Dimoko does not pick her calls any longer. I asked the lady, why don’t you make a formal complain to the police in the UK, she informed us her visa has expired which means she could be deported.

Another case is that of Rose, Stella practically helped her with a “good guy” from Delta state where she (Stella) hailed from, the guy ended up sleeping with Rose several times and absconded. What a shame!! We have many of the stories just in few days of our operations. I learnt the guy is a close relative of Stella

Aside publishing their email communications, I will discuss many scammed fans in the coming days

The Nigeria government must do something now and very fast to fraudsters like this hiding under blogging to dupe Nigerians.

Editor’s Note: If you have been scammed by any blogger, please report them, we shall expose them here



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