Cyber-bullying: How not to blog,a case of SDK

Yesterday, we discussed a vicious and publicly accclaimed irresponsible blogger whose specialty is in the area of blackmail, publishing rumors, deliberately posting un-substantiated news with the sole aim of causing separation in marriages and benefiting from them. While she might be going with it smoothly now, it is sure she will not last long this way. Even Nigeria’s best blogger, Linda Ikeji came out last week to apologize openly to #savemayowa fund raising campaign for the error she committed, then who this is hustler in one-bedroom apartment in Europe attacking people with lies

Stella Dimoko is in the habit of using vulgar languages, intimidating people on her blog and bullying them likewise.  On many occasions, she has been described as an “agbero”. I remember a Celebrity that threatened her with law suit (Lanre Nzeribe), she quickly ran to apologize to him. You don’t go online to make assertions you don’t know anything about! I was surprised AY refused to sue the girl, even though I agree that people like her should be ignored as they are nothing but failures. There is absolutely nothing looking like a good thing on the blog. From abuses to curses, to negative comments, to zero moderation of offensive languages, unproven published attacks, plagiarism etc. Nothing but vendetta posts, definitely it is an evil place to be.

You don’t turn a blog into your bedroom diary especially when you intend to make money on it.  If there is a negative comment on the blog against her, it is assumed (by her) it must have been made by Linda Ikeji, haba!! Linda obviously does not even know you are in existence! She is decades ahead of you, I am sure that is why she has never replied any post from her. Blogging is not done this way, it should be for fun. If you want to remain controversial (this is one of the ways to get traffic actually), must you climb on people to do that?

In the past months when I was in the Ireland, I learnt the sanctity of her marriage and mind is a serious doubt. A handful of people claimed she could actually be into women trafficking (unfortunately, this cannot be confirmed and verified).

On the same diabolic and evil blog, a young woman, will learn how to sleep with different men for money, how to meet a man to sleep with etc. I am really ashamed that in Nigeria, there is no regulatory body for cyber content management.

Before I go, my advise to upcoming bloggers is that evil does not pay, just like she is looking like going away with all these atrocities, all the people she is being bullying, intimidating and blackmailing will see her pay for her sins, and this will be very soon.

May God bless my dear country Nigeria

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2 thoughts on “Cyber-bullying: How not to blog,a case of SDK

  1. Yayyyyyyy! I can comment finally! Been trying for weeks… You are a blessing, u are awesome! I try with keeping up with u from time to time! Please continue to expose these bitches irrespective of whoever hurls insults at u.shes a fraud and a demented pig with a horrible face alongside partner in crime chioma ugochukwu,no be small OLORIBURUKU people,I give dem yansh!


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