The Ugly face of a blogger

This is Stella Dimoko-Korkus. She is regarded as the most vicious gossip blogger in Nigeria. She can do anything for the click!.She lives outside Nigeria and we are informed from unconfirmed sources, her sole aim is to blackmail well to do Nigerians (no evidence yet). But we are aware that she has been in recent times having issues with several celebrities like Linda Ikeji, Ayo Makun, JJ Omojuwa and many others.

She is extremely vicious, use vulgar languages and run a fan of possibly un-serious young women and wayward married women. This is a website where young women from good home background are not expected to visit. There is a programme that run on the website where men and women are allowed to arrange for sex, this is called the Single and Mingle. She claimed such programme could lead to marriage but there has never been any evidence and result to show for this.

The major discussions are focused on sex, cheating wives, sex before marriage, how to cheat on a man, how to make a man “mugu” (to dupe a man) etc. There has been hush-hush discussions about the sanctity of her mind too.

In her comment section, young women are freely allowed you use vulgar and swearing words without being censored. How can a blogger refuse to take responsibility for comments made on their sites? Unfortunately, just as everywhere is porous in Nigeria so also is the Nigeria Cyber environment.

In recent past, she has accused and attacked several celebrities on her site without any just cause. Linda Ikeji, a better and a more refined fellow blogger bears the brunt of any bad thing that befalls her – comments abusing her (Ikeji) are never removed by her on comment section of the blog. She is one blogger that possibly takes joy in reporting speculated and unconfirmed separation and a major carrier of evil news.

What good thing can we say of this woman? I probably do not know I wont allow my daughter to ever view this wicked blog. Comments section are used by her fans to run down people, possibly they have scores to settle with. We hope Nigeria should just be able to settle down and deal with evil bloggers alike in a short time.

On the home front, she claimed to be married, but unconfirmed and unsubstantiated reports are that she could be involved in “hustling” in Europe.

Nigeria is my country, I will make it a better place!!

Editor’s note: We are presently investigating a claim by a diaspora Nigerian (in the Europe) how Stella duped her. We hope to be through with this in the coming days.



2 thoughts on “The Ugly face of a blogger

  1. Chai, this is most unfortunate! I guess the blog is really for that, when a blogger do not have conscience and could do anything for money


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