Stella Dimoko’s sister declared wanted by NAPTIP for trafficking young Nigerian girls to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE for sexual exploitation

Notorious and blackmailing blogger’s sister, Perebi Nicole Otubo has been declared wanted by National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) for Human Trafficking. Unlike Stella who deals in the same trade in Europe especially in Italy and Spain, Perebi is a vicious human trafficker who operates within the United Arab Emirate.

Perebi is also as vicious as her sister, Stella Dimoko. Perebi works with a network of several other Nigeria women and girls. It is believed Perebi grosses over 5 million dollars in a year in the illicit trade.

Stella Dimiko we reliably gathered introduced Perebi to this illicit trade. Stella Dimoko is also wanted in Nigeria for several offenses ranging from blackmailing, female child trafficking, prostitution, etc

See below press release from NAPTIP:


NAPTIP’s most wanted human trafficker Perebi Nicole Otubo

This woman, Perebi Nicole Otubo whose pictures are displayed is wanted by the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) for Human Trafficking.

She has been linked to an International Human Trafficking ring that specializes in trafficking young girls from Nigeria to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE) for sexual exploitation (prostitution).

Perebi Nicole Otubo whose date of birth is 9th December 1984 hails from Bomadi Town in Delta State. She is 1.65 meters tall and slightly fair in complexion.

She was recently jailed in Dubai, UAE, for Human Trafficking. She was released in July 2017 and is currently at large, hiding somewhere in Nigeria. Her accomplices and recruiters in Nigeria have been arrested by NAPTIP and are currently facing prosecution in court.
Anyone with useful information that could lead to her arrest should please contact NAPTIP on the following platforms: 08002255627847 or 07030000203 (toll-free lines) or email:

Josiah Emerole
Deputy Director and Head, Press and Public Relation
For: Director-General
28th November 2017

perebi 4

Perebi 1perebi 2perebi 3


Tonto Dike: How Stella Dimoko crashed her marriage

The dust is finally settling down on the bitter marital feud between the notorious actress Tonto Dike and her gentleman husband, Olakunle Churchill.  The past several months has been months of accusations and counter accusations by both parties.

Few things that were obvious to people are: Olakunle Churchill must have married the wrong woman. Tonto Dike takes hard drugs and smokes Indian Hemp! Tonto Dike has problems managing her anger and could get into a fit rage destroying items that could worth millions of naira. Tonto Dike it has also been rumored was sleeping with other men while she was married. All these are in the public domain for assessment.

Recently, Tonto Dike’s nanny also corroborated the fact that she is a very violent person, please read that here

Quiet many people never knew the evil role played by the evil blogger, Stella Dimoko. Stella Dimoko herself has never been married, she was alleged to have contracted marriage with a German man for residency in Germany. Stella Dimoko confessed during an interview published on the internet this year she was never married! Stella is also notorious for female trafficking and prostitution in Italy. Many of her acolytes were caught last year in Nigeria. Nigerian Police are possibly on her trail if she steps on Nigeria soil. Stella Dimoko is extremely evil and wicked

After Tonto got married to Olakunle Churchill, Stella continued to pester Tonto to leave the marriage cooking up so many untrue stories about the young man as Stella wanted to date the thorough-bred man (obviously for money). Olakunle, we learned rebuffed Stella’s several overtures and made it clear he was not interested in any extra-marital relationship with Stella Dimoko or any other person. Obviously hitting a road block, Stella Dimoko started to plant stories on the internet about Rosy Meurer.

Stella Dimoko has a ring and network of prostitute like Chioma Okere, et al she works with who planted stories in several places on the internet. Tonto Dike who has been looking for a way to cash out of this marriage found this as a good opportunity and bolted away on the advice of Stella Dimoko. It was alleged Tonto Dike absconded from the marriage with hundreds of thousand of dollars, 2016 Landcruiser SUV, a couple of landed property documents among many other things.

We have learned how Tonto Dike sent tens of thousand of dollars to Stella Dimoko as part of her own share of the loot and “consultancy cost”.

Early this year, a blogger Adeola Olonilua was arrested by the Nigerian police in Lekki Phase I for defaming Olakunle Churchill, she confessed of being sent by the evil blogger, Stella Dimoko. Please see the youtube video here:

This is not the first time Stella Dimoko has been enmeshed is controversy, she has been caught trying to blackmail celebrities like Lanre Nzeribe, comedian AY Makun, Mr. Oluseyi Ishmail, Toke Makinwa etc. Stella Dimoko in recent times has been caught sleeping with several musicians and celebrities for money.

Just like us, many Nigerians had written petitions in times past to the Nigerian Police against Stella Dimoko. Stella Dimoko has since been avoiding to step into the country for fear of arrest

While we acknowledged the very rough background of Stella Dimoko (she was deflowered and severely abused and assaulted sexually by her father at pre-teen age), one expected her to have gotten over the ugly past.

We still call on the security officials to arrest Stella Dimoko. This is not the way to be a blogger, all Stella Dimoko is doing is blackmailing.




Nigeria’s most notorious blackmail and female trafficking “merchant”, Stella Dimiko is in the news again! Stella Dimoko is in the news this time for prostitution and child trafficking activities in Europe as reported by the Daily Mail. We were the first to break the news of Stella Dimoko’s prostitution Network activities to the world (if you miss that please make sure you read it here).

Again, Stella Dimoko’s prostitution network and accomplices were busted in Spain by the security agents of that country! Just like we reported months ago, several young girls who were involved in prostitution and child trafficking sponsored by Stella Dimoko were also this time arrested by the Spanish police.

Stella Dimoko has been involved in child trafficking and prostitution for many years in the Europe. She left Nigeria and relocated to Germany a couple of years back, thanks to a fraudulent marriage she had with a German citizen.

Immigrants are frisked by Police officers following their arrival on board of a Spanish coast guard vessel into the Southern Spanish port of Ma 

Immigrants are frisked by police officers following their arrival on board of a Spanish coast guard vessel into the southern Spanish port of Malaga on December 3, 2016 ©SERGIO CAMACHO (AFP/File
Stella Dimoko while in Nigeria was renowned for her nefarious activities as a big time prostitute and sponsor of several young women in the illicit trade. She was credited for the collapse of many marriages, blackmail of many of her rich ex-boyfriends et al. She relocated (to Germany) after a sham marriage ferrying hundreds of kilograms of hard drugs and illicit substances to Europe.

Members of her network in these unholy activities were recently apprehended in Nigeria upon several petitions sent to the Nigeria Police (see the story here).

In this recent expose by the Daily Mail of the UK (see it here), Ms. Dimoko organizes voodoo rituals and covenants with the young women possibly to scare them and get them committed to prostitution. Daily Mail described in vivid details how Ms. Dimoko’s victims are treated gruesomely, and kept under inhuman conditions.

In order to force the young women to stay after the voodoo rituals, they were told they owed the organization between 40,000 and 45,000 euros ($42,000 and $47,000), police said, and forced into prostitution in the northern town of Bilbao and the holiday resort of Benidorm in the east and several parts of Europe.

Daily Mail further went ahead to highlight the routes Stella Dimoko took her young female victims through to arrive at Spain and Italy. As we reported months ago, these girls were promised good job, education etc in Europe, they only get to Europe to learn they will be forced into prostitution.

A total of nine girls were rescued at this instance, though yet to be returned back to Nigeria.

Stella Dimoko stands tall as the biggest sponsor of all time of sex trade exported to the Europe from Nigeria.

Stella Dimoko also have all the blackmail pictures – Matharoo Sister cried out

During the past recent month, the notorious Matharoo Sisters were deported from Nigeria back to Canada after being caught running the infamous naijagistlive platform to blackmail several Nigeria billionaire. We reported Stella Dimoko’s complicit involvement in this nefarious activities (if you missed it see it here) While they were in detention, I was able to put a couple of calls to them and the duo complained bitterly how they were maltreated because they were not Nigerians. Their major grouse about this was that their major sponsor Stella Dimoko was not even questioned throughout their ordeal.

The sisters were forced to sign a prepared undertaking promising not to engage in blackmail and cyber bullying again — and to stop extorting their “victims”. They were then allowed to quietly return to Canada and are now “safe back home”.

Just before they departed Nigeria, at the airport, I was able to put another call through to the sisters. They claimed Stella Dimoko has all the pictures and is in the process of exposing some of the pictures on her blog with the intention if “hitting it big” this time. Stell Dimoko of recent has been blabbing and bragging on the notorious blog of how she intend to hit money soon. It is no doubt she intends to resume again in her blackmail activities. In recent past, Stella Dimoko has tried blackmailing celebrities like AY Makun, Lanre Nzeribe, JJ Omojuwa et al. Recently, news filtered to news desks how she also tried blackmailing Toke Makinwa unsuccessfully.

Some of the blackmail pictures are extremely lewd and vulgar. Some of the pictures I saw include that of a rich oil magnate, a bank MD, a former governor and a former minister in the Jonathan administration.

As I am also well aware, the pictures are now with Stella Dimoko who is more matured in the business of blackmail than the Matharoo sisters. Stella Dimoko is said to be ruthless but also clinical with her victims when it comes to blackmail. She was also the major sponsor of the moribund Stella Dimoko has this history of always blackmailing the very rich and successful.

I hope security agencies are on the lookout for Stella Dimoko to avoid another disaster in the waiting. In this case, it will be bigger than what the Matharoo sisters caused and difficult to curtail as Stella Dimoko is not resident in Nigeria at the moment and Nigeria do not have a repatriation agreement law with Germany where she lives as a result of scam marriage she had


The sisters said they would soon expose the whole truth about the Nigeria gist life saga, please stay tuned and wait for it

How Stella Dimoko tried unsuccessfully to blackmail Toke Makinwa

Few weeks ago, Nigerians were thrilled to the book written by Toke Makinwa which substantially detailed the events of her past marriage with her now estranged husband. The book was sort of a mini biography about the life of the celebrity vlogger, Toke Makinwa. On Becoming was over a hundred page written by Toke Makinwa. The book was given accolades by many celebrities like DBanj, Linda Ikeji etc.

Immediately the book was published, it started to receive knocks and serious knocks for that matter from our evil blogger, Stella Dimoko. The reason for this was not really known as Stella Dimoko (and her fans) are the only dissenting voice criticizing the book. Stella Domoko even went as far as suggesting unsold copies of the books should be mopped up from the bookshop and burnt.

She went further to suggest that whoever gave the idea of writing a book to Toke Makinwa misled her, the book was not well-edited, written in poor language, bla bla bla. The ranting continue for several days until I read the page from the book posted below and I contacted Stella Dimoko.


My first reaction was, apart from celebrities Stella Dimoko has been blackmailing (or tried blackmailing) in the past, how many of them did she called to confirm a story that did not directly relate to them? Were Toke Makinwa a poor petty trader somewhere in Lagos (thank God she is not),  would Ms Dimoko have called her? If there is no ulterior motive, do you need to call Toke (whom you have never talked to) before you post a story if you are an honest blogger.

These singular act on the page of the book (posted above) forced me to do proper investigation on the events that transpired when I went back to Nigeria for Christmas. Recall I informed you on this blog Ms Dimoko has several women working for her in her blackmail and prostitution network, they are always abreast of information – they broke the news to Stella Dimoko. Also remember Naijagistlive and Matharoo twins news we brokered on this blog?

I learned authoritatively that Stella Dimiko called Toke Makinwa to see how she could blackmail her, Ms Makinwa being a celebrity, Stella Dimoko understands she has to be very careful as not be seen as pushing for blackmail. Ms. Makinwa obviously a good lady with proper training devoid of Stella Dimoko’s gutter lifestyle did not know that if she has offered to pay for the news, it (the news) probably wouldn’t have been exposed to the public in that evil manner.

Immediately after Sella Dimoko called Ms. Makinwa, I can confirm that many of the (evil) field workers of Stella Dimiko were asked to get across to Toke and close associates with a view to extort few millions of naira from her! It was a dead-end, Toke is not used to this type of lifestyle and will not play ball. Stella Dimoko got the message and posted the gossip in less that thirty minutes! What a wicked soul is Stella Dimoko!

Every positive thing about Toke Makinwa has not been posted by Stella Dimoko just because she refused to be blackmailed!

I will re-underline my initial call to Stella Dimoko to repent and forsake these evil attitudes of hers!! Blackmail is evil! Prostitution is evil! Female trafficking is evil. It is just a matter of time, she will soon be arrested for all these evil

Naijagistlive: We are suffering in detention and our major sponsor is enjoying, Matharoo Sisters lament

Matharoo Sisters whom a section of the media alleged as the brain behind the moribund naijagistlive blog are new “singing” in detention. The sisters claimed they were just used as front by the major owner of the blog to perpetrate numerous evil. They claimed they were only involved with sleeping with men for money while Stella Dimoko is actually the brain behind the blog

We broke the news weeks ago how Stella Dimoko an evil blogger operates this blog to extort money from rich Nigerians. Stella Dimoko is extremely notorious for the evil of blackmail, female child-trafficking , prostitution et al. The sisters though admitted they were involved indirectly with the blog claimed the major owner of the blog is Stella Dimoko who lives and resides in Germany based on a sham and scam marriage to a German citizen

My several; calls to Ms Dimoko in the past couple of weeks confirmed this story as she never denied knowing the Sisters. A stubborn Stella Dimoko weeks ago also confirmed knowing one Babatunde who was the developer of the site, she was to later confirm Babatunde was an ex-lover despite her claim of being married at that time.

Unfortunately, Nigeria does not have any serious cyber law, otherwise Nigeria should have requested for the deportation of Ms Dimoko to face all the many atrocities levelled against her.

Stella Dimoko has scammed a lot of Nigerians on a blog especially men. She was forced to trade the proceed of naijagistlive with the Matharoo Sisters and Babatunde to keep them silent. Stella Dimoko not only confessed recently on her blog that her marriage was a scam, but also informed her gullible fans she wants to dump her “husband’s” surname. Stella Dimoko works with several younger women across Nigeria and West-Africa sub-region to defraud innocent young women.

Shealso posted on her blog recently how the “owner” of naijagistlive contacted and begged her for interview, what a lie from the devil’s daughter herself! Since then, we have not heard anything from the :”interview”

Stella Dimoko is a con and a thief. In sane environment, she should be behind bars cooling her heels. Stella Dimoko has been scamming Nigerians for over 4 years now!


This demon, the devil’s queen, Stella Dimoko

The Devil’s bride from Hell, Stella Dimoko!!

There is a wicked demon living among human beings that has been ravaging evil in Nigeria blog-sphere for over three years called Stella Dimoko. Stella Dimoko is not human, nothing but a devilish, stone-hearted demon who chooses her abode with humans and not with other evil congregants in the satanic coven.
Stella Dimoko was raped and deflowered at preteen age by her father in their Delta state home. Another version to that story was totally different, it claimed Stella was the one who always go to lure the man for sex at that tender age. She succeeded on that particular day as she was able to drug her father and eventually slept with him! The leader of the community where Stella Dimoko hailed from confirmed this story to us. This is clearly devilish and demonic! Immediately after this act (just at the age of 12 or 13), Stella Dimoko has been giving the “honey pot” to the highest bidder.
Throughout her University days, Stella Dimoko lived large, jumping from one man’s bed to another, sleeping with one ‘Aristo’ to the other. Stella Dimoko ruined several marriages, snatching several husbands from their legitimate wives using occultist means especially as she looks like the spirit animal -the hyena.. . Stella Dimoko was hardly in school, she lived large, enjoyed life, partied hard and left university with a 3rd class degree.
By the time she left school, there was no plan to work, she continued her game but now on a big level now as a full-time “runz girl”. After doing this for few years and it began to dawn on her prostitution cannot be done forever, she got a job with Encomium magazine in Lagos, this is where Stella Dimoko learnt and started the art of blackmail. She started to blackmail many of her former “sugar daddies”. This paid off for her and she was able to raise money to start female trafficking of young girls to Europe. The demon Stella Dimoko fully resumed her duties as the devil’s queen!
I will leave the detailed story of her female child trafficking for another day but dwell a bit on her blackmailing activities. Encomium was a soft sell and gossip magazine, so also is the Stella Dimoko blog. Stella Dimoko has been blackmailing honest and hardworking men on her blog for money. Many of the victims are celebrities who are blackmailed daily on her blog. They are blackmailed to part with princely sum of money to get post written against them removed. The recent ones that backfired include the cases of AY Makun, Seyi Ishmael, Lanre Nzeribe, JJ Omojuwa et al.
In many cases, she employs “foot soldiers” who write as anonymous or with fictitious blog ids that have no email contact in the comment sections and “call out” innocent victims and Stella Dimoko as planned quickly enable such wicked and diabolic comment with a view to blackmailing the victims, this was the case of Seyi Ishmael whose middle name is Femi (which is the name stella uses on her blog for blackmailing purposes )

In other cases, these women pose as single women on her Single and Mingle post with a view to extort money from innocent men. Many young men have fallen victim to this scam. In another way, these women of easy virtues go to facebook and search for men with rich background with a view to blackmailing them, all these are part of the whole ploy for blackmail.
Prominent among these blackmail saga was that of a middle-aged man called Seyi Ishmael. Seyi who is a top business executive fell into Stella Dimoko’s blackmailing ring of evil agent, Chioma Okere also known as @Taichyy on twitter. Femi was mentally tortured by Chioma Okere and her principal Stella Dimoko on her evil blog. To remove all the evil post they made about him, he was asked to pay 500,000 naira into Stella Dimoko’s Zenith bank account in Nigeria, what a big shame!! He refused, so the attack against him and his family continued. Seyi refused to budge so Stella,Chioma and another member of their gang named Ebi Brisibe created a fake facebook account in his name with his pictures they stole from his Facebook and other social media accounts after one year of stalking him, alleging all sorts of despicable things as confession i.e. murder, rape, pedophilia amongst many other sick things only an insanely evil mind can think of…the rest is now history.

I contacted Seyi via email recently, he told me he has moved on with his life and he is not bothered with hungry low-lifers like Stella Dimoko and her gutter gang.
Stella Dimoko when challenged with all these stories confirmed they are substantially true but she is trying to reconcile with Femi as it obvious Femi reported this to the German police when he was in Europe last month, October . Stella Dimoko will always rant on her blog about one Femi without a surname (of course there thousands of Femi in Nigeria) who she cannot pinpoint what the issue is. If Ms Dimoko is sure of all she is accusing this faceless Femi for, why not formally report him to the police? Of course, they are all part of her blackmail strategies.
In the coming days, I will be posting screen shots I got from Seyi how this evil blogger tried apologising to him knowing he was falsely accused after the blackmail has been established. Stella Dimoko is trying to distance herself from the blackmail as it is at the moment!
I however see a better Nigeria, where the likes of blackmailers like Stella Dimoko, Chioma Okere, Ebi etc will be behind bars and locked up for their evil deeds against humanity.

My Marriage was Fake

The renowned controversial and blackmailing blogger, Stella Dimoko confirmed yesterday (23rd November 2016) on her blog our several allegations that she might not be married after-all (hopefully she won’t go back to alter or remove the post which is her usual practice!)
We confirmed authoritatively that Stella Dimoko was never married; she only did a shambolic arrangement to get German residency via her husband! Recall that we have never referred to her as Mrs. Korkus in any of our post at any time; we have always refer to her as Ms Dimoko. Yesterday 23rd November, 2016, she claimed she would like to be addressed as Ms Dimiko, going to confirm our much allegation against her.
In the coming days, we do hope that Ms. Dimoko will honestly address the fraud marriage she conducted with Mr. Korkus. She used the fraud marriage to get the German residency; the truth is obviously coming out now. Like I said earlier on one of my posts, the Truth cannot be covered for too long.
Apart from this Fraud marriage, Stella Dimoko is also known for female trafficking (to Europe) and also runs a prostitution ring of black young women in Italy. In the past couple of months, several of her accomplishes were caught in Nigeria as a result of our expose and petition to the Nigeria Police Force. It is our hope and belief that Ms Dimoka would soon be arrested too.
Ms Dimoko who also is alleged to be a prostitute herself has been accused of sleeping with celebrities and with news just seeping to the public of her alleged escapades with Babatunde Oyedepo who was accused of being the brain behind Investigations directly from Naijagistlive revealed how Stella Dimoka alone slept with as much as six men at a time
In the coming days, we shall continue our expose on this evil and wicked blogger.

I will be coming up with facts in the coming days who is the real father of her first child, it is a secret to be unfold

Exclusive: Naijagistlive and Stella Dimoko connection

This is the face of the evil blogger!

It is no longer news that the “suspected”owner (please mark my word clearly- suspected!) of was arrested about a month ago. It was widely reported that he tried blackmailing several people, accused of running a blackmailing blog etc. I went to Nigeria, stayed for about four weeks (reason this site was not updated), met with several people and also established contact with Tunde Oyedepeo, the suspect behind the Naijagistlive blog.

Immediately Tunde Oyedepo was arrested, Stella Dimoko started denying having anything to do with Naijagistlive and the suspected owner of the site – truth cannot be covered for too long. Conscience in an open wound, only truth can heal it. Stella Dimoko capitalized on the fact that Tunde is in detention, decided to heap the whole blame of the blog on him. I interviewed people close to Tunde and was amazed at the truth.

Tunde is a web designer, a technical person to the core! He was engaged by Stella Dimoko to design naijagistlive. The site was designed to specification which Stella Dimoko was happy with. Tunde come occasionally (to the site) to maintain and fix bug on the blog. There was nothing aside this “client-customer relationship” between both until they both met face-to-face sometimes in 2013. Somethings led to another, they both met in an hotel room where Tunde f**ked the hell out of Stella Dimoko! (Stella Dimoko claimed to be married at that time though)

The banging was to continue for the next few days. On one of the occasion, I was informed that Stella (who of course unknowingly to Tunde was a professional call girl) was always demanding up to 4 rounds of s*x from Tunde at a time. On one occasion, Tunde organised his friends to come after he was really tired with several rounds of sex. On several occasions, I learnt Tunde also organised group s*x of six males for Stella Dimoko alone! He described Stella’s body as a 70 years old woman’s body with flabby and ‘slippers’ boobs, excessive fat in her tummy, bleached body et al. Stella complained to Tunde she really needs the f**k as her “husband cannot get it up again”

While they were together in the hotel one day, Tunde snapped Stella naked body while she was asleep and disappeared. He resurfaced and threatened to expose Stella Dimoko, a deal was made which involved a couple of a hundreds of thousand naira and that Stella should give up the Naijagistlive!  Tunde who is known to be a gentleman and a professional has never been in the trade of blackmailing others for money find it extremely difficult to operate the blackmail blog. Stella Dimoko was called back to the scene but all proceeds from the blog (legitimate or not) will be shared between both of them in the ratio 70:30 in favour of Tunde

Business was booming and money was coming in, Stella Dimoko has mastered the act of blackmail well. Just like she now does on her Sunday Tatofo series, she was making cool money for herself and Tunde on Naijagistlive, this was how the “German girlfriend” story arose. Stella Dimoko was actually the German girlfriend being referred to.

Stella Dimoko was blackmailing several celebrities on the blog because she was unanimous, just like she tried blackmailing Lanre Nzeribe, AY Makun etc. She wrote horrible and wicked lies against people like Femi Otedola (just because she envied his daughter!), human beings can be very wicked!!

Gullible Tunde never knew Stella Dimoko was planning to abandon him! When you do business with Stella Dimoko, please watch your back. Unknown to Tunde, Stella Dimoko was not willing any longer to part with the booty coming in from the blackmail trade. Stella anonymously tipped Nigeria police and gave up his house address and how he could be found. In a matter of hours, Tunde was arrested and caught red handed! Unfortunately, Stella Dimoko never bargained for what will eventually happened, the site was brought down! Stella has now being forced to continue her blackmail with her blog especially through her tatafo Sunday series.

Stella Dimoko, if you read this, I can guarantee you that you will soon be caught up with. Your criminal acts stinks to high heaven and your days for jail is fast approaching, you will soon realize you have an appointment with the law.

Stella has been singing like the canary bird to whoever listen that she does not have any connection whatsover with Tunde or Naijagistlive.

It is just a matter of time before Stella Dimoko is arrested, her lies will never stand the test of time

Busted: Stella Dimoko arrives delegate hotel with her prostitutes – embarrassed and chased away!!

This morning, Stella Dimoko claimed on her blog to be en-route Berlin (obviously to give her gullible readers and her geriatric husband the impression it has something to do with President Buhari’s visit) via the ICE train. Interestingly the picture of the ICE train she claimed to have boarded was taken outside the train, she then claimed she could not take pictures of the interior because there were people on board and it’s against the law to photograph strangers bla bla bla (she must really take her readers for superior fools). As you’re aware, trains have many coaches so to find a relatively empty coach to take a picture is not rocket science.
Upon googling ICE train images myself, many pictures came up and they were taken from the same angle Stella ‘supposedly’ took hers.Like most of the pictures advertising the train, the pictures were mostly taken at a time when the train stations were devoid of human activity just like in stella’s picture even though she gave her gullible readers the impression she could not take pictures inside the train because people were everywhere.

This is the picture Stella Dimoko pasted on her site with the claim she took to Berlin
This is the original picture stolen by Stella Dimoko , see the link here

My findings reliably revealed she might have gone to engage in prostitution as usual in company of a robust delegation of her sex workers where the Nigerian officials are lodged, this was her practice during the PDP era, but we learnt she has been sent packing by the no-nonsense and disciplined delegates. In trying to create the false impression to her blog visitors that she is living a lavish lifestyle, she stole a picture of the ICE train online and claimed to have taken same picture this morning. Attached are the picture she claims to have taken and another one our reporter culled online for comparison. Please feel free to Google ICE train images.

P.S. Our private detective informed us  you may find the exact picture she stole on Google if you do a painstaking search, our detective was given a deadline for another job which was why she could not take the time to look for the exact one.

Stella Dimoko and co-traveler, I have a word for you, your criminal act will soon cautch up with you and will soon be jailed, till then please continue with your evils

Is there anyone still a fan of this crook called Stella Dimoko out there?